A Touch of Italy in Paris


Vespa Scooter in Paris

A bright red Vespa spotted in the 5th arrondissement

Scooters are a popular way to get about Paris, just like many of the major cities throughout Europe. From the covered Peugeot scooters that you see Parisian commuters zipping around on through the streets of Paris or even weaving in and out of traffic on the Boulevard Périphérique around the city. But there’s one scooter that always gets our attention … the oh so classic Italian Vespa! If you’ve stayed with our sister company Italy Perfect in Rome, Florence or other spots in Italy, you’ll know how ubiquitous they are in Italy. They always remind us of wonderful times spent in Italy!

Rue des Grands Degres Paris

The charming Rue des Grands Degres in the Latin Quarter

I spotted this lovely red charmer on the equally charming Rue des Grands Degrés in the 5th arrondissement just across the Seine from the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. This street is just around the corner from the beautiful one-bedroom Alicante vacation rental, and it is lined with cute cafés, shops and the buildings have lovely historic frescos along the upper floors.

Frescos Rue des Grands Degres Paris

Historic signs painted on buildings – a classic sight in the 5th arrondissement!

It’s one of the most characteristic streets in the Latin Quarter, which is such a fun neighborhood to explore. And with a beautiful red Vespa … c’est parfait!

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