European Museums Night in Paris


European Museum Night Musee l'Orangerie Paris

One could spend days perusing Paris’s museums, so how will you spend your night?

One of the many amazing features that draw travelers to Paris is its world-renowned museums. Visitors can see some of the most famous pieces of art in just a day, or, for the special event this Saturday, in a night. Paris will take part in European Museums Night on Saturday, May 18th when museums leave their doors open till as late as 1:00AM with free entry. There are roughly 250 museums in Paris and almost all of them will be participating in the event. Paris’s collection of museums is impressive not only in number, but in its rich history, diversity, and presentation. Part of what makes these museums so special is the beautiful buildings with strong historical significance that house them.

European Museums Night was created in 2005 by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and is now sponsored by the International Council of Museums, Council of Europe and UNESCO. France is accompanied by nearly 40 other participating countries with a total of 3,000 museums opening their doors for the night. Last year France alone welcomed two million visitors to its museums for the event. An amazing, but not surprising, turnout as the deep appreciation for art is a fundamental part of French culture.

European Museum Night Paris 2013

Just some of the many special events that will be taking place at museums for the night.

To top off the extended opening hours and free admission, many of the museums will organize special installations, exhibits, and activities. Some of these cater specifically to families and children, while others will please a more mature crowd. Musée de l’Orangerie near Tuileries gardens will set the tone with jazz music played throughout several galleries. Musée d’Orsay will host choreographed performances by the Myriam Gourfink Company and will treat guests to free admission for its exhibitions.  In the 7th arrondissement, Musée Rodin will welcome a surprise installation in its gardens. These are just a few highlights of the night’s program that will undoubtedly intrigue visitors to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Louvre at Night Hilary Kay

The Louvre exudes a magical aura at night, come experience it for yourself this Saturday.

Paris is a city of mystery and romance, and what better way to embrace this ambiance than to explore and discover its many fascinating museums by night. Find out more about all the events planned for this year’s European Museums Night here.


Photo credits: Musée l’Orangerie by fmpgoh, European Museum Night from Paris Musées, Louvre by Hilary Kay

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