Holiday Magic at Galeries Lafayette in Paris


Galeries Lafayette Christmas Tree 2013

The holidays are simply magical at Galeries Lafayette in Paris!

The holidays aren’t complete in Paris without a visit to the Galeries Lafayette, where each year the Christmas tree, lavish decorations and enchanting window displays are absolute show stoppers. Just step inside the glass domed atrium to find a 60 foot tree suspended right in the center. Stunning! This year the gorgeous tree was created by Swatch, and a clock design runs through many of the designs this year with the theme being “Once upon a Christmas … Before the Clock Strikes Twelve.” Be sure to take a break from holiday shopping on the hour when the village comes to life with characters and animals dancing about around the base of the tree. Magical!

Galeries Lafayette Christmas Tree Swatch

Such a sweet scene at the base of the Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette

Outside the windows feature Lilly the doll and Martin the bear as they go galavanting through whimsical winter settings, have lavish parties and fun with hundreds of animated dolls, bears, mice and a whole host of characters. When I went to see the windows recently they had captured the imagination of crowds of adults and children alike.

Galeries Lafayette Christmas Windows Crowds

The windows at Galeries Lafayette are very popular!


Galeries Lafayette Christmas Windows With Children

Especially with the littlest viewers!

It’s hard to show in photos just how captivating and fun the windows are this year at Galeries Lafayette! You can catch a glimpse of them in motion in the preview video below from the grand opening of the Christmas windows this year.

There is so much to see in each window and everything is in motion! It was so fun watching little kids ooh and ahh over the scenes. Parents had to pull their kids away from each window to see the next!

Galeries Lafayette Paris Christmas WIndows Displays

So much to see in each window!

One of my favorites was a sweet scene with Lilly and Martin surrounded by a group of mice playing dress up, hiding and dancing around the bedroom. So cute!

Galleries Lafayette Christmas Windows Mice Dress Up

The little mice playing dress up and having all sorts of fun!

It’s easy to get caught up in the captivating scenes and the story being told across the windows. The details were fantastic … and I can’t imagine how long it took to get everything in motion working perfectly!

Galeries Lafayette Paris Christmas Windows Magical

Such cute wintry scenes!

Clocks here and clocks there … it’s almost midnight!

Galeries Lafayette Christmas Windows Clocks 2013

Christmas magic at Galeries Lafayette in Paris

Look at all the cute little details in the windows. You can see why children just loved watching everything move and dance and play!

Galeries Lafayette Christmas Window Details

Captivating and cute scenes at Galeries Lafayette

If you’re in Paris this holiday season, don’t miss the chance to see the magical Christmas windows at Galeries Lafayette!

Galeries Lafayette Christmas Windows Lili Doll Martin Bear

Lilly the Doll and Martin the Bear … the stars of the Christmas windows at Galeries Lafayette


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Galeries Lafayette
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  1. Beth says:

    Hi – I saw this and was wondering if you know when they put up the decorations and how long they are up. I’m hoping to go see the galeries lafayette christmas displays (I actually live in France right now) and want to know roughly how long they are likely to be there (so I know if I need to go before christmas, or if I will have some time after christmas to go see them).

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