Can This Apartment Be Salvaged? – An Update!


Paris Apartment Remodel - From Bed to Living Room

Here’s the first glimpse inside this amazing apartment remodel taking place in Paris!

Dear Readers,

Remember the apartment horror that our client Ann Huff decided to purchase? (If you missed it, you can find it here.) Well, she was true to her word and just as talented as we promised. Just look at the works in progress!! It’s going to be “un petit bijou” – or little jewel! I already want to stay there. Remember the shocking before photos, but that dreamy Eiffel Tower view?

Buying Paris Apartment to Remodel 2

The hard to endure BEFORE … but what a view!

It’s still being completed, but the transformation is so amazing that I just had to share a sneak peek so you could look at this studio! I think I have pretty good design sense, but I didn’t see the possibilities of fitting in a sleeping area at all. Here’s a look at the big design changes that have been made to update this space and completely transform it to a comfortable apartment.


Kitchen Before

Before: The kitchen took up nearly half the apartment, so the first step was moving it to make room for a sleeping area

Paris Apartment Remodel - Kitchen View and Bedroom

The new location for the kitchen in the living room made room for a queen size bed

This was the most important change. The kitchen was completely removed and moved to the living room. It wasn’t easy to fit in everything but we did it!

Sleeping Area

Paris Apartment Remodel - To the Bedroom Area

Making room for a queen size bed in a studio – no easy task!

Once the kitchen was moved, we converted the previous kitchen and dining area into the sleeping area. Added built-in cupboards with mirrors on the doors in simple design, again to amplify space and sunlight. It’s amazing, but it fits a real queen size bed – the place where there used to be a dining table and microwave.

Paris Apartment Remodel - View from Bed to Kitchen

Living Room

Paris Apartment Remodel - Gorgeous Chandelier

The perfect touch!

Ann found a gorgeous antique chandelier for the middle of the living room and will put a small dining table under it. The table will do double service as a tall coffee table in front of the sofa, something Ann likes to do.


Paris Apartment Remodel - Narrow Fireplace

Antique pieces add that Parisian style

Ann and I agreed we needed a fireplace in the middle of the wall and if we could get extraction pipes to fit the kitchen into the living room. The antique fireplace has been installed, as a decorative piece and the kitchen built around it. Beautiful soft gray colors all around, accented by gold and crystal.

Small Space Decorating Tips

Paris Apartment Remodel - Antique Mirror

Mirrors create a sense of space – using antique mirrors adds style as well!

Using a few large pieces actually increases the space, not the opposite – as in this enormous chandelier. Another decorating tip: Use mirrors. A large mirror does not overwhelm a room; in fact it expands it! Just look at the reflection of the chandelier through it. And soon, there will be another one facing it behind the sofa.


Before Dark Wooden Beams

Before: Dark wooden beams made the room feel smaller

Paris Apartment Remodel - Painted Wooden Beams

Remember the dark brown beams in the ceiling and supporting the walls? We painted the beams gray so they would blend in better. The ceiling is still incredibly interesting, but softer.

Vertical Support Beams

Paris Apartment Remodel - Partial Wall Before and After

Creating a division of space between the sleeping and living areas

We partially walled the standing beams to create division with the sleeping area, but the beams are exposed in the living room. Beautiful touch!


Bathroom Before

Before: Dark marble tiles made the bathroom feel smaller

Paris Apartment Remodel - Modern Simple Bathroom

Modern bathroom design with built-in storage – essential in small spaces!

We installed a contemporary white lacquer sink and built in cabinet in the bathroom, hid the hot water heater under the roof and put in a full-sized shower. The new tiles are simple and bright colored to add to the brightness in the bathroom. No over sized dark brown marble for us!

I’m not supposed to look at the sofa Ann found – but I could see a French day bed peeking out from the plastic. I’m excited to see it uncovered! Wait just a few more weeks to see the final results. Ann’s bringing over 7 suitcases of curtains, pillows and more very soon, and she hopes to stay there to finish it!

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  3. Sara says:

    Question can you guide were you got the closet for the bedroom?? looks like an ikea but the top part add on looks different . Thanks

    Love Love the whole apto. beautiful work.

  4. Leah Walker says:

    I believe it is an IKEA closet. The top part could also be from IKEA, but sold separately. That additional part could have also been custom built to fill the space.

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