A Glam Before & After Transformation of the Beaujolais Apartment


Beaujolais apartment living room after

The chic Beaujolais apartment after a full remodel and restyling

The reveal of a new before and after renovation in our Paris apartments is always one our most popular features on the Paris Perfect Blog. And during this past year, we’ve been busy remodeling and updating a number of our luxury apartments, so we’re eager for you to return to Paris to experience the luxury of our Paris Perfect vacation apartments.

We’re back with the story of the latest transformation of our Beaujolais two bedroom vacation rental in the 7th arrondissement. Every apartment has so many stories to tell. For us, a renovation means bringing those stories to light and creating that special place that becomes the perfect setting to our guests’ Parisian dream holidays. Curating every detail is a labor of love and it’s a joy to be able to share the final product! If you’re planning a remodel yourselves, we’ve added some of our own top tips for creating a new look.

Beaujolais apartment chandelier

The shimmering new chandelier at the Beaujolais

We all know a great story begins with a great setting, and the possibility of so many beautiful stories is was struck us the moment we first stepped into the Beaujolais. And we were right! This apartment is a guest favorite with its large windows, excellent 7th arrondissement location, and view of the Eiffel Tower over a tree-lined Parisian avenue. Of course, you wouldn’t believe the shocking state of the apartment when we first found it. But Paris Perfect founders, Madelyn and Philippe, have an expert eye for recognizing the possibility and turning tired looking apartments into absolute gems.

Eiffel Tower view from Beaujolais

A glimpse of the top of the Eiffel Tower – what an incredible location!

Before we dive into the latest renovation of the Beaujolais, we know you’re wondering just how it all began, right? Below is a glimpse of that first viewing. Can you even see the possibility? It was dark, dirty and an abosolute mess. To put it diplomatically, it was not to our taste. The living room had an old leather sofa and a wall-to-wall mirror and piles of old furniture. The bathroom was 1960s pink tiles and walls in the apartment were covered in fabric, peach colored fabric. Overall, it seemed as though the apartment hadn’t been touched for 40+ years.

Our first viewing of what would become our Beaujolais apartment – what a mess!

But we saw incredible potential in the large west facing windows overlooking a wide avenue and that lovely view of the Eiffel Tower. So we rolled up our sleeves and went to work … and the Beaujolais apartment was born! While the apartment was still very much full of charm, we felt it was time for a refreshing new update. So the Beaujolais has just received the finishing touches and we’re excited to show you its new look – full of elegance with a touch of Parisian glam. Let’s take a closer look!

Now that you’ve seen the shocking starting point, you can see how successful the apartment’s first transformation was in creating a beautiful space. We decided on a French country look, as you can see in the living area below.

Living Area — From French Country to Modern Chic

Beaujolais living room and dining area before

FIRST REMODEL: The first incredible transformation of the Beaujolais living room and dining area

Although a guest favorite, it was time for a new look at the Beaujolais! We wanted to move away from the French Country style, making it more contemporary but with touches of antiques. The built-in bookshelves on either side of the fireplace had loads of charm and it was a very comfortable space. The bookshelves were filled with charming books, old photographs of Paris and amusing touches.

TODAY: The light-filled living room and dining area of the Beaujolais

The Redesign: With the update, we decided to go a different direction for the space and overall aim for a light, shimmering style blending modern and traditional Parisian design elements. We started by moving the sofa from the wall to the center of the room to create a division between the living area and dining area. This key move along with the addition of lighter colored armchairs and cream colored silk curtains set the scene for the rest of the design to unfold.

We moved to a muted palette with touches of gold and some pops of color for the living area. By reducing the decorations around the room, the new art really popped. Take a look at the beautifully lit modern Eiffel Tower artwork between the French doors. Golden yellow throw pillows were added to bring out the yellow and gold design elements around the room. The addition of a gorgeous new chandelier was the perfect finishing touch.

Beaujolais bookshelves before

FIRST REMODEL: Details in the living room before the remodel

A key element of the redesign was focusing the attention of the room to specific areas. The fireplace zone saw the biggest changes from before to after. The shelves were removed to create niches on either side of the fireplace. By painting these niches black and the fireplace mantle and wall white, the eye is drawn immediately to the center of the room. Then simply leave it to the striking starburst mirror above the fireplace to hold your attention.

Beaujolais bookshelves before

TODAY: A new look for the living room

Turning the bookshelves into design niches created space that was just right to display artwork on the right and the large flat screen TV on the left. It’s remarkable how little structurally had to change to completely transform the living area.

Dining Area — First Remodel and Today

Beaujolais dining area before

FIRST REMODEL: The dining area with mirrors on the wall

Remember that awful original wall-to-wall mirror? Well that, of course, had to go in the dining area and was later updated with mirrored panels and vintage photos. Although we loved the style, with this new update we wanted to bring in more brightness and a bit of Parisian glamour to the area. We kept a mirror element, but this time a stunning antique mirror that certainly makes a statement. We added molding as the original Haussmannian apartment would have had, and found antique sconces to add soft light on either side of the mirror.

Tip: We use antique mirrors to add a beautiful accent to contemporary furniture, as the oval tulip table below. They always lighten and enlarge a room!

Beaujolais dining area after

TODAY: Lighter and brighter look for the dining area with statement mirror

To create an even lighter feel to the space, the grey chairs were replaced with light chairs and the grey curtains updated to soft cream. Overall the space now feels Parisian chic and is the perfect counterbalance to the living area. The two spaces blend beautifully to create a completely rejuvenated and inviting living room and dining area at the Beaujolais.

Kitchen — First Remodel and Modern Redesign

Beaujolais kitchen before

First Remodel: The kitchen is spacious and with a nice layout but needed a refresh

The kitchen at the Beaujolais is spacious with all you need to enjoy cooking à la française — or simply warm up gourmet treats from the multiple delis in the neighborhood. Again, the style was French Provincial with granite countertops. Keeping the well-planned design in place, we opted to replace the cream cabinets with more modern grey cabinets with a smooth finish. The counter top was replaced with a light marble that was also used on the backsplash for a clean look.

Tip: Granite countertops were all the rage when we did our first remodel — as were wooden ones. We’ve found that they tend to darken a space and especially show their age — and we feel this marble Silestone will stand the test of time longer.

Beaujolais kitchen after

TODAY: The new modern and completely updated look for the kitchen

We kept the glass paneled upper cabinets in the new kitchen but added interior lighting to enhance the design. Highly recommended if you’re planning your own kitchen remodel, as it visually opens up the room and adds a soft glow at night. The new kitchen is the perfect spot to cook up fresh meals made with ingredients you picked up along the nearby rue Cler market street.

Tip:  We removed a cabinet in the middle to break up the line of cabinets along the top; we think it works well.

Master Bedroom — First Remodel to New Parisian Romantic Style

Beaujolais master bedroom before

FIRST REMODEL: The romantic master bedroom

The previous master bedroom at the Beaujolais had a sweet feel about it but we wanted to update the look with a more modern style while keeping many of the design elements. The wall mounted curtain feature above the headboard was removed, but we opted to keep the antique headboard and paint it a fresh white. The decorative fireplace was also painted white to lighten the room while the curtains were updated to a rich green to tie into the new design elements brought into the room.

Tip: Good styling always looks good, as we think you can see from our first remodel.  For me, I know I still loved spending time in this bedroom. That’s because the look is homogeneous and true to the French country style.

Beaujolais master bedroom after

TODAY: Elegance and style in the master bedroom

The transformation is fantastic and I still want to jump in to bed for a cozy night’s sleep!  I love how much lighter and larger the room seems with the new decor. Two vertical panels were added to the walls on either side of the bed. The panels were decorated with a delicate floral design wallpaper and elegant sconces. The natural motif was continued above the bed with a wall mounted sculpture of a tree branch in pale shades of green. The same wall panels were added to the opposite side of the bedroom flanking the fireplace and mirror.

Beaujolais master bedroom after

TODAY: White details make the chandelier pop

Wow, we think it’s beautiful! The frame above the decorative fireplace mantle was replaced with a simpler design, also painted white, that focuses the attention on the reflection of the beautiful chandelier in the bedroom. The fireplace was painted completely white to lighten the room and give a mere hint of the history. With clean design elements the bedroom feels brighter and yet still maintains its sense of romanticism.

Decorating Tip: small touches of wallpaper in between the molding adds a warm look and style which can be easily changed as your tastes change.

Beaujolais master bathroom before

FIRST REMODEL: Spacious master bathroom before update

The master bedroom at the Beaujolais has a large en suite bathroom that received one of the biggest transformations in this remodel. The beige granite tiles were replaced with large white faux marble tiles from Italy that made the room much lighter and brighter. The bathtub and shower combo was removed and replaced with a large walk in shower with rainwater shower head.

Tip: Large tiles can expand the feeling of spaciousness in a bathroom. We used the large tiles in the first remodel and in the second; both work beautifully.

Beaujolais master bathroom After

TODAY: Lovely walk in shower in the new master bathroom!

The location of the sink was moved to make room for a washer and–incredibly rare in Paris–a separate dryer. This truly makes the apartment a comfortable stay and means you can pack light … to save room for a bit of shopping that you will surely be tempted to do while in Paris!

Tip: Lighting is key; notice in the kitchen and bathrooms how we use warm LED strip lighting under the counters to add a soft glow. Definitely take the time to design lighting touches in your own remodels.

Second bedroom — First Remodel and Updated Style

Beaujolais second bedroom before

FIRST REMODEL: The second bedroom at the Beaujolais

The general design of the second bedroom at the Beaujolais was already a masterful use of space. The beds are surrounded by a large built in piece of furniture that has wardrobes on either side of the bed that are connected and feature built in lighting above the bed. We kept the design to maximize the space yet added a soft grey Toile de Jouy wallpaper inside the bed niche. The patterned headboard was replaced with a elegant soft grey padded one. The room immediately felt updated yet warm and welcoming for a good night of sleep.

Beaujolais second bedroom after

TODAY: A stylish new look for the second bedroom

We love how the decor still features those traditionally French elements yet now in a soft yet stylish way. The silk curtains and a touch of lusciousness and block out the light for a great night of rest.

Beaujolais second bathroom before

FIRST REMODEL: We created an en suite bathroom with shower

In the first remodel, we created a new en suite bathroom for the second bedroom, featuring a shower and sink. Since the bathroom was in great condition, here the main update involved changing the sink to a simpler design where you can easily lay out your toiletries while you get ready.  As always, our excellent Paris Perfect soaps, designed exclusive for us, feature the best ingredients and luxury for your stay.

Beaujolais second bathroom after

TODAY: Modern updates in the en suite bathroom

Powder Room – From First Remodel to Striking New Look!

Beaujolais powder room before

FIRST REMODEL: The separate half bath before renovation

The Beaujolais conveniently features a half bathroom located just outside the second bedroom. Since there weren’t any updates needed in this space we focused our attention on making the space really pop. We kept the large mirror on the back wall and added another round mirror to increase the sense of space in the powder room. And statement wallpaper with a strong graphic geometric pattern was the perfect finishing touch.

Beaujolais powder room after

TODAY: The bold new look of the half bath is a cheery sight

We’re so pleased with the new look for the powder room at the Beaujolais. Small spaces can be some of the most satisfying to transform as you can really narrow in on those little details like how the gold frame of the round mirror picks up the gold details in the wallpaper. And it’s a great reminder that sometimes just a few changes can create a striking new look!

A Total Transformation

Beaujolais living room and dining area

TODAY: Relax in style and comfort at the new Beaujolais

We hope you love the transformation of the Beaujolais as much as we do and that you’ll come and enjoy a stay to see it for yourself. The apartment is ready to welcome guests and to be the setting for your beautiful Parisian stories to unfold. Contact us to book a stay at the new Beaujolais apartment in Paris!

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