Before & After at the Beautiful Beaux Rêves Apartment in Paris


Paris apartment remodel before and after

Get ready for the before & after transformation of this gorgeous Paris apartment!

A good Paris remodeling project is hard to resist, especially when we have the chance to transform a tired old apartment into a beautiful home in the City of Light. We knew the moment we stepped into the apartment that would become Beaux Rêves that it was something very special. The location along an elegant tree-lined boulevard in the 7th arrondissement and its long balcony with Eiffel Tower views made it a dream property. Well, at least, it had that potential, but it wasn’t going to be a simple task.

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, was to take this very poor condition one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment and turn it into an absolutely perfect, move-in ready Parisian home. And not only would it have gorgeous and comfortable living spaces and a peaceful bedroom, but it would also have a brand new modern kitchen and not just one, but two full bathrooms. Plus a desk area for working at home!

one bedroom Paris apartment remodel

AFTER: Unbeatable Paris view from the Beaux Rêves.

Never ones to turn down a challenging Paris apartment remodel, our team—along with Ann Huff from Huff Harrington—came together to create a masterpiece. Upon completion, the beautiful Beaux Rêves apartment sold immediately to a very happy buyer who was looking for a hassle free way to enjoy living in Paris. It was ready for them to move right it! This renovation was such a labor of love and we’re excited to share a look behind the scenes at the before and after at Beaux Rêves.

Living Room: Parisian Living at its Finest

Paris apartment decorated for sale

AFTER: The living room complete with finishing touches.

With large French doors that filled the room with light and a wonderful long balcony, this apartment deserved to be as spectacular as its setting in the 7th arrondissement. However, what we started with were dark rooms, paint peeling from the ceilings, water damaged and dirty walls and outdated wiring and fixtures. A complete and total renovation was required. While a tremendous amount of work, it meant we had the chance to replace the dark floors with beautiful new light yet still warm toned herringbone parquet throughout the entire apartment. It is was also the opportunity to install new wiring and central air conditioning.

remodeling apartment in paris

BEFORE: Crowded and dark living room.

When we first viewed the apartment, the larger of the two living areas was being used as a dining room. Not a very functional use of space, we decided instead to use this room with two large French doors as the living room. There was very little in the original living spaces that could be salvaged, but there was a lovely statement marble fireplace mantle that was an original feature we wanted to keep in the final design. Looking beyond the peeling paint on the ceilings, there was the most beautiful crown molding that needing some restoration work, but was also worth preserving

BEFORE: The crown molding and the fireplace were saved. The rest had to go!

Older Paris apartments are often very chopped up and divided, which was the case with this apartment. To create a larger sense of space, we removed the glass paneled door to the hallway from the living room. Two storage niches on either side of the fireplace created the perfect opportunity to open them up as doorways to the adjacent room for a better flow between the living room and the new open-plan kitchen and dining area.

paris apartment renovation

AFTER: Two new openings on either side of the fireplace connect the living spaces.

With a new and more open design, the entire apartment feels more spacious. Opening up the doorways on either side of the fireplace makes the marble mantle topped with a stunning antique frame the focal point for the room. Comfortable modern decor and antique lights and mirror from the Puces Paris flea market are the perfect finishing touches. This space now lives up to its stellar location and is truly a place a beautiful dreams – the meaning of the apartment’s name Beaux Rêves.

Adding a New Open-Plan Kitchen and Dining Room

Paris apartment for sale with new kitchen

AFTER: Gorgeous kitchen with dining area.

After creating such a beautiful and welcoming living room, it was time to solve another issue with this Paris apartment. The original kitchen was a long and narrow room tucked away in the back of the apartment. With a balcony that’s perfect for a bistro table and dining outdoors with a view of the Eiffel Tower, it only made sense to move the kitchen to the opposite side of the apartment. Now there is a gorgeous open-plan kitchen with dining area that opens directly to balcony – perfection!

how to paris apartment remodel before after

BEFORE: This sitting room was turned into a open-plan kitchen and dining room.

Moving the kitchen from its original location, which you can see below, created a large space that we could utilize to create a second bathroom and even a desk area for working at home.

BEFORE: The kitchen originally took up a large amount of space in the apartment.

The open-plan kitchen and dining area is especially appealing at Beaux Rêves, where you can open the French doors and take in the view over the treetops of classic Parisian buildings. Shop at the local markets and enjoy the ease of preparing your favorite meals and dining in the elegantly designed space or step out onto the balcony. Whether you’re starting your day with coffee and the Eiffel Tower, enjoying a quiet time reading or watching the lights sparkle on the Eiffel Tower, the balcony when so well incorporated into the apartment’s design quickly becomes a favorite living space.

Paris apartment for sale with remodeled kitchen

AFTER: Comfortable and beautiful – a dream kitchen in Paris!

The modern kitchen is anchored by another marble fireplace mantle topped with an antique gold frame. Every detail works together to create a harmonious setting, with the sleek white and grey cabinets complementing the marble table, counters and backsplash.

BEFORE: This room originally felt closed off.

The dining area is hardly even recognizable from before to after! You might think that creating two new openings to the living room would make the room feel smaller, but it has the opposite effect. Now it is light and spacious and there’s room for a modern marble-topped table and four chairs.

AFTER: Two entrances to the living room on either side of the dining table.

A Bedroom Perfect for Parisian Dreams

paris bedroom remodel

AFTER: Creating a serene bedroom with a Parisian touch.

Although it wasn’t in very good shape at all, the one part of the apartment that didn’t require significant structural work was the bedroom. The room had a nice large window overlooking the inner part of the building, which was an excellent feature. The room had good bones but was in dire need of some TLC.

how to remodel Paris apartment

BEFORE: The original bedroom needed a lot of updating.

With the new bedroom, the focus was on functional design with an elegant touch. The wall panels and floral wallpaper add a traditional touch that’s accented by modern wall sconces, lighting and a beautiful antique mirror. While we love adding historic design elements, we always ensure there are also all the little comfortable details like wall-mounted lamps for reading in bed.

AFTER: Sweet dreams in the Beaux Reves bedroom!

Creating new storage solutions was a top priority and was solved by the addition of a mirror paneled built-in wardrobe. This along with the large storage under the container bed means there’s plenty of room to feel right at home.

Paris one bedroom furnished apartment for sale

AFTER: Design and comfort in the new bedroom.

Bathrooms: Redesigning with Modern Comforts in Mind

AFTER: A completely new look for the shower room.

As with most of our Paris apartment remodels, the bathroom situation needed some serious attention. This apartment’s main bathroom was originally split between a narrow bathroom with shower and sink that was located at the end of the hallway and then a tiny powder room with toilet near the entrance. Needless to say, everything had to go!

Before and after Paris apartment remodel

BEFORE: The original shower room (left) and the dark powder room (right) needed a complete makeover.

Once we had a clean slate to work with, we opted for a bright and modern design with light colored marble for the shower tiles and sink. The light tones create a sense of space while the gold fixtures add a warm touch. The luminous new shower room has a crisp modern design and plenty of storage.

Adding a second bathroom is always a priority, even in one-bedroom apartments, since it makes it far more comfortable, especially if you have guests visiting. After considering several different configurations, we decided to utilize the kitchen space to create a second full bathroom. While the kitchen felt awkward and dingy, we knew there was a lot of potential here.

Paris kitchen and bathroom remodel

BEFORE: This angle of the old kitchen was transformed into a second full bathroom.

The final result doesn’t even seem like the same place! The new second bathroom has a glass enclosed shower, a wide sink with built-in storage and a second toilet. The woven pattern floor tiles are a lovely touch and the combination of the large window and mirror over the sink fill the room with light.

Paris bathroom renovation

AFTER: Second full bathroom replaced the original kitchen.


Paris bathroom renovation

AFTER: Adding a second toilet in the new bathroom.

Of course, we couldn’t forget that little powder room by the entrance. It got a total revamp as well with striking geometric tiles and a new sink. We love it!

Paris remodeling stories

AFTER: Stylish new look for the powder room with sink (left) and geometric floor tiles (right).

All in the Details

Paris apartment remote working

AFTER: Creating a space to work from home in Paris.

And, of course, the best renovations are always in the details. After relocating the kitchen, there was extra space to create a work area at Beaux Rêves. We know many of our owners need to keep up with work while in Paris or enjoy having a dedicated space for their laptops.

Finding Your Perfect Home in Paris

AFTER: A toast to a marvelous renovation at Beaux Rêves!

We’re proud of our teams for the enormous amount and work and love that went into create the beautiful Beaux Rêves apartment. If you enjoyed the before and after transformation and would like to know more about finding your dream home in Paris, contact our team at [email protected].

Or if you’re dreaming of living in Paris but aren’t sure where to start or how to find the perfect property, check out our 10 Best Tips for Buying Property in Paris, find out more about our Property Search Services, or learn about fractional co-ownership with Paris Perfect Shared.

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