6 Luxurious Perfume Shops in Paris – Find Your Signature Scent!


perfume shops in Paris - L'Artisan Parfumeur

Perfume is an art and a science – chemistry and style, capable of evoking memories, changing moods and completely altering sense of self. From ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, to Medieval Europe and the British Edwardians, people have always gravitated towards the sensuous smells that make us feel like our best selves. Whether you’re looking for a fun and flirty scent, something masculine and crisp, or natural and woodsy, you deserve to find a scent catered to your individual tastes. And, perfume shops in Paris are some of the very best in the world!

Perfume Shops in Paris

Considering France’s extensive history of perfume making, la ville lumière is the perfect city for your fragrance adventure. Here are six unique perfumeries in Paris, from traditional to more cutting edge, all with their own character and personality.


perfume shops in Paris - Fragonard

Named after the Rococo painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard, this historic shop opened its doors in 1926, and has been dedicated to creating traditional signature scents ever since. Along with their collection of shops in Paris, you can tour the Musée du Parfum near the Garnier opera house, where you can learn about the ancient art of perfume-making, an “industry as old as man-kind.” They have a wide variety of scents in every olfactory family, from pure vanilla or lavender to more complex blends, and most are also sold as bar soaps and lotions. Fragonard boutiques aren’t limited to scents, however. They also offer breezy bohemian blouses, silk scarves, quirky cosmetics cases and some unique home décor pieces. This is a great shop to gather a variety of different types of gifts or souvenirs!

Fragonard Perfume Museum
9 Rue Scribe
75009 Paris


perfume shops in Paris- Guerlain

The Guerlain family created this legendary perfumerie in 1828, and the brand has maintained a loyal following ever since. In fact, it’s among the oldest cosmetics brands in the world! Their creations have often shifted trends in the perfume industry, but gems such as Jicky, created in 1889, are still sold today. Shalimar is another iconic scent of theirs, still sold in a 1920’s style bottle. One could go so far as to claim that Guerlain has the most exquisite perfume bottles in Paris! Their flagship boutique on the Champs Elysées is a impressive sight to behold – sparkly, shiny and the epitome of Parisian luxury.

68 Av. des Champs-Élysées
75008 Paris


The Best Perfume Boutiques in Paris - Diptyque

During its founding in 1961, Diptyque was wholly unique and cutting-edge in Paris. Its three founders were an interior designer, a painter and a theater set designer, respectively, before opening their flagship store in the Latin Quarter. They had a vision of a stylish bazaar, representing their widespread travels, where they sold wallpaper and other homewares. In 1968, a 16th-century potpourri recipe and the scent of pomanders inspired Diptyque’s first eau de toilette, which they simply named L’Eau. Today, hundreds of equally delectable scents for both body and home are sold in shops all over Paris, but their original boutique on Boulevard Saint Germain is oh-so charming! Their scented candles are wildly popular, especially Baies and Figuier, two of their best-sellers.

34 Boulevard Saint Germain
75005 Paris


The Best Perfume Boutiques in Paris - Diptyque

Although less well-known than the previous perfumeries, Nose is not to be missed! They carry various perfume brands, and many that are more limited production or harder to get a hold of. Their online Nose diagnosis helps you discover a scent specific to your tastes. Based on the results, you’re given five recommended perfumes, which you can order as samples before making a decision. However, we highly recommend heading directly into their store near Rue Montorgeuil to undergo the full scent diagnostic experience. Over the span of about 30 minutes, you’ll be given various perfume samples that you will then rate on a scale of 1-10, slowly narrowing down your preferences. You’ll learn how a perfume changes over time, and experience the head, heart and base notes of a perfume. This is the perfect way to find your signature scent, and they even offer you coffee or wine while you discover your favorite aromas!

20 rue Bachaumont
75002 Paris

L’Artisan Perfumer

The Best Perfume Boutiques in Paris - Diptyque - L'Artisan Parfumeur

Perhaps the most original founding story belongs to l’Artisan Parfumeur, whose founder was a chemist asked by a friend to create a banana scent for a banana costume at a Folies Bergères gala. Jean Laporte obliged, and continued with grapefruit and vanilla fragrances, until perfume enthusiasts dubbed him l’Artisan Parfumeur (the perfume artisan). His brand’s classic, fresh concoctions continue to delight perfume lovers today. The four boutiques throughout Paris have a sultry, mysterious vibe, and their signature bottle is black with a golden bumble bee, as pictured at the very top of this blog post.

L’Artisan Parfumeur
167 Boulevard Saint Germain
75006 Paris

Annick Goutal

The Best Perfume Boutiques in Paris - Diptyque - Annick Goutal

Annick Goutal founded her perfumeries in 1981, determined to create original perfumes in a “rétro-chic” atmosphere. She believed, “le luxe est dans le detail,” or luxury is in the details – a principle still evident today with their delightful perfumes. She blends rare raw ingredients such as Sicilian Lemon or Damascus Rose to create scents that are oftentimes inspired by her fondest personal memories. Each bottle is handmade in France and all have a very old-world, feminine quality ; any one of them would look absolutely gorgeous on a vanity table.

Annick Goutal
16 rue de Bellechasse
75007 Paris

Nothing quite compares to Paris when it comes to discovering the universe of perfume, whether you want to indulge in a sultry scent for a nighttime walk along the Seine, or a casual day fragrance to add an extra spark to your ensemble. No matter the reason, allow yourself to indulge in a scent perfect for you – the perfumeries in Paris never disappoint.

17 Responses to “6 Luxurious Perfume Shops in Paris – Find Your Signature Scent!”

  1. Lillie Galvan says:


    Could you please help me find a perfume called Worth Lalique Skyscraper.

    Best regards,
    Lillie Ann Galvan

  2. Linda Lester says:

    I am looking for a cologne that you can only buy in Paris from what I understand. It’s called Pamplemousse. Many years ago a friend brought some to me and I would love to order some new matter what the cost. Do you know where I might be able to purchase some?
    Thank you again,
    Linda Lester,

  3. Leah Walker says:

    Hello Linda,

    Pamplemousse means grapefruit in French. Without the bottle or brand, there’s not much we can do to help figure out where it came from. Sorry!

  4. Linda L Lester says:

    It’s been along time since I wrote to you and unfortunately I didn’t have any more information on the Pamplemousse/grapefruit cologne that you can only buy in Paris from what I understand.

    The name of the company is called Agatha Paris. I hope this helps. If you know of anyway that I could purchase this cologne, I would absolutely love to. It is seriously the best fragrance I have ever in my life experience.

    Thank you again,

  5. Leah Walker says:

    I’m sorry, Linda, but we’re not sure how to help, except to say that you must come back to Paris and shop. 🙂

  6. hazel says:

    hi!i would like to ask the most famous perfume brand that can only be bought in paris?only produce n distributed in paris exclusively.. cannot find and bought anywhere else.. ynx

  7. Leah Walker says:

    A custom-designed perfume made in Paris would be the most exclusive.

  8. Debbe says:

    Trying to find the original scent by Herve Leger it’s been discontinued in the states.

  9. Margaret M Morley says:

    Pamplemousse is, I believe, a scent made by the French perfumer Annick Goutal. It used to be distributed widely in the US. Now It is only available in big cities like New York. But you can always pick some up when you’re in Paris.

  10. Kathryn K Huselid says:

    My grandson has been looking for a place to purchas “Black on Black”
    #MO476CO756 sold at 422 Rue St
    I’m Honore Paris, France
    Could you tell me how I can find this fragrance maybe in the USA

  11. Faiqua says:


    I am looking for a perfume name”If from Sorelle Fontana” for women. Can you please help me with it? Is this perfume available in Paris?

    Thank you,

  12. Godswill Clara says:

    Hello am looking for a designer perfume company that I can partner with. Thank you

  13. Lanette White says:

    Looking for … Oud reminiscence, Patchouli Elixir, Lady Rem got samples when visiting Paris

  14. Tonia Parsons says:

    Hello I am looking for a cologne Indulge by Michael Marcus
    Does anyone know where this can be gotten.
    Thank You

  15. MaryAnn kaminski says:

    When my daughter was in France she brought me a small bottle of perfume with a F on it. Also the words Figue. I can send a picture of the bottle. Thank you

  16. Judith markowitz says:

    Years ago, in paris I shopped at freddy’s and michael swiss for perfume, scarves, umbrella and dior handbags. I would like to see a catalogue to order perfume.

  17. Ines Ramirez says:

    Would you please tell me which candle would be the best smelling like orange flowers to buy in Paris? Price not an issue. Merci!!

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