Discover the Post-Impressionist Artwork of Maurice Fallies

Paris post impressionist artwork for sale

The enchantment of the Seine captured by Maurice Fallies – Available in the Paris Perfect Store!

We are always on the lookout for the perfect finishing touches for our Paris vacation rentals and fractional co-ownership properties. Whether that’s scouring the flea markets for just the right sized antique mirror or bringing a beautiful chandelier back to life, the décor for our apartments is all carefully selected. Artwork is, of course, a very important final touch! One incredible element we have incorporated into recent projects are original watercolors and paintings by the Parisian Post-Impressionist master Maurice Fallies (1883-1965). We were very fortunate to be able to purchase a collection of his artwork from his descendants and each one tells a unique story of Paris.

Maurice Fallies French post-impressionist paintings

A serene watercolor of Chartres Cathedral by Maurice Fallies.

A wonderful little discovery, Fallies was a recognized painter at the turn of the 20th century and was known for his depictions of Parisian street scenes. He studied under the Hungarian- French painter François Gall (1912-1987) who was noted for his Impressionist style. Greatly influenced by artists like Edgar Degas, Gall’s paintings highlight similar subjects, such as Parisian life, still life and landscapes. Fallies followed closely in style and subject matter with Gall and it’s even said that he didn’t sign some of his own paintings in order to create uncertainty about whether he or Gall had painted the work!

French post impressionist paintings for sale

Promenade Sur Le Pont Neuf by Maurice Fallies – Available now from Paris Perfect!

Brilliant at capturing the motion and color of Paris and of an industrializing century, his works hum with the energy of this moment in history. It’s a Paris where the iconic bridges and historic landmarks sit side by side with movement and advancement, like cars, trolleys and little steam powered boats chugging along the Seine next to the Pont Neuf – the oldest bridge in Paris. Some of the most captivating paintings by Fallies are a series of sunsets on the Seine that show the City of Light at one of its most enchanting moments.

Paris antique paintings for sale

A beautiful sunset by Maurice Fallies – See more on the Paris Perfect Store!

We love how his paintings highlight all the varied colors of Paris in every season of the year. In one painting you’ll see the warm tones of autumnal trees against Sacre-Coeur or in another the brilliance of summer with the trees along the Seine leafed out while Parisians and cars bustle across the Pont Neuf. Continuing the traditions of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masters, Fallies’s paintings depict Parisians and everyday life—like shopping on Rue de la Boulangerie or a stroll through the Jardin de Luxembourg—right alongside iconic landmarks.

French post impressionist paintings for sale

Reflections on the Seine by Maurice Fallies – Available for purchase from Paris Perfect!

Visit our Paris Perfect Store to see more beautiful paintings by Maurice Fallies that include views along the riverbank, the Pont Neuf, Île de la Cité, Notre Dame and Montmartre. They are now available for sale, and each one offers you the chance to bring a piece of Parisian history into your own home!

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