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Welcome to Sancerre from Paris Perfect Shared!

Just as with each one of our fractional co-ownership apartments, it takes a very special property to become part of the Paris Perfect Shared family. The newest addition is Sancerre, a stunning two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with a dream location in the 7th arrondissement just 3 blocks from the rue Cler market street. After a complete transformation, Sancerre is remarkable in every way. Read on to see its transformation into an impeccably designed and welcoming apartment in Paris.

Even more remarkable, if you hurry there’s still a chance to call Sancerre home! Shares are almost sold out, so email us right away at [email protected] to find out more about Sancerre and the perks of living in Paris with Paris Perfect Shared.

Finding the Perfect Address in Paris


Unbelievable view of the Eiffel Tower from Sancerre!

We are constantly on the lookout and view many apartments—and we mean many—always in search of those few and very rare properties that meet all the requirements for a Paris Perfect Shared home. Does it have a prime address in the best neighborhoods? Is the building historic yet updated with modern features like elevator and the ability to add air conditioning? Is it full of light and located on an upper floor? And, the cherry on top, does it have a spectacular view?

BEFORE: Stepping into the Sancerre and seeing the potential.

With over 20 years of experience creating beautiful vacation rentals and now fractional co-ownership apartments in the 7th arrondissement, we know the best addresses and where to find those rare apartments that tick off every box. As soon as we saw the address for Sancerre, we knew it was perfect. The location overlooking the elegant tree-lined avenue de la Bourdonnais was west facing to capture beautiful light all day. Stepping inside, it was more spectacular than expected with 8 sets of large French windows around the apartment. Even better, it’s located on a corner with an unobstructed and close up view of the Eiffel Tower.

Every element was there to create a truly fabulous apartment in Paris with Sancerre. Our dream team got to work! Like all of our Paris Perfect Shared properties, Sancerre was designed by Ann Huff from Huff Harrrington – who first spotted Sancerre and its remarkable potential. Those “good bones” that we always look for were certainly there, but the project was a bit of a challenge as it required a complete remodel from the ground up. Let’s take a closer look at how the beautiful Sancerre was created!

Living Room: The Perfect Spot to Watch the Eiffel Tower Sparkle

AFTER: At home in Sancerre’s beautiful new living room.

The living room is the heart of the home and one of the best elements of the Sancerre’s location was how the space that is now the living room had such a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower thanks to the corner location. However, the space was quite limited when we viewed it and was more suitable for a dining area given the proximity and passageway leading to the kitchen.

BEFORE: The view we dreamed of capturing from the living room.

Yet, we knew there was so much more potential for this space! Pouring over the floor plan and walking through the space countless times, a new idea began to take shape. By moving the second bedroom into the space where the kitchen was located, we could remove the boxy second bedroom entirely and create a spacious open plan kitchen and dining area. This meant that our dream of creating a living room in the prime corner location would be possible.

BEFORE: Behind the pillar was an opening to the kitchen area on the right.

We could just imagine sitting in this space on a comfortable sofa and catching the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night while enjoying conversation with friends and family. By adding a wall between this space and the former kitchen area we created a beautiful new living room area that now truly is the heart of the home.

AFTER: The new living room with a glimpse to the new second bedroom.

The finished design is even more spectacular than we imagined! We love that the living room is set off at a slight angle that gives it a cozy feel while perfectly designed to enjoy the Eiffel Tower view too. And the view here really becomes part of the experience of being in the room with the large wall mirror behind the sofa. It so beautifully reflects the greenery in the summer and in the winter it’s a treat as it captures even more of the Eiffel Tower.

AFTER: Stylish swivel chair perfectly placed to turn to enjoy that very special view.

The delicate tones in the living room and the gorgeous pure linen soft gold curtains frame the view of the Eiffel Tower so naturally that you’ll find yourself admiring it from every window. Take a closer look and you’ll also spot the heating vents in the gorgeous new pale herringbone floors. The light yet warm color really adds to the bright and open look of the apartment and the vents are a lovely feature as it eliminates the need for bulky radiators. During the remodel we also added full central air, which is a rarity in Paris, and the vents are incorporated into the design along the ceiling. You’ll be comfortable in every season of the year at Sancerre!

AFTER: Look what’s behind the living room mirror!

That faceted mirror behind the sofa opens up the room even more and reflects the light and the view. And there’s even a little hidden secret there that our designer Ann Huff just loves. The mirror was designed to hide the apartment’s fuse box from sight. We mean it when we say we think of every little detail!

Kitchen & Dining Area: Moving to a Spacious Open Plan Design

AFTER: View of the new open plan living room and dining area.

Our goal with the living spaces during the remodel was to make one grand space flooded with light where those classic Parisian views would be enjoyed every moment of the day. The final result is just perfect. The living room feels intimate and cozy yet the space flows so nicely. A long wall of French doors—five total—runs from the living room to dining area and kitchen. We love how the delicate diamond patterned wall paper subtly ties the entire space together. But that is certainly not how it began!

BEFORE: The small dining area and living room to the left.

The original living room and dining area was much smaller and the spaces were reversed. As you can see in the photo below, the wall with the sofa and the beautiful mirror are located now was previously an opening direct to the kitchen.

BEFORE: The original living room and dining area were much smaller.

In order to make room for an open plan kitchen and dining room, we had to first remove that grey wall in the photo above and create one large open space. The kitchen, which you can see down in the hallway, would move to this new space and the second bedroom would be tucked away in a quiet spot back where the kitchen was.

Over the years talking to our Paris Perfect Shared owners and many guests, we’ve learned that separate kitchen spaces aren’t enjoyed as much as open plan designs. It’s so much more pleasant to spend time together with family and friends while cooking. Pour a glass of wine and watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle while dinner cooks – it’s the simple pleasures! It’s also just so much more convenient to have the kitchen near the dining area.

AFTER: Modern kitchen and dining table at Sancerre.

We love the final result! Ann Huff created an integrated design where the kitchen with its sleek two-tone cabinets blends marvelously with the marble topped modern table. The perfect finishing touch is a gorgeous antique chandelier over the table.

AFTER: New kitchen is perfect for cooking at home.

There really is everything you need to cook at home in Sancerre’s new kitchen. With plenty of storage, dishwasher, built-in refrigerator, induction cook top, stove and microwave, it’s a kitchen that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

AFTER: New dining area with large French windows.

You could hardly find a more charming spot to enjoy dining at home in Paris than the Sancerre. With five sets of French windows along the dining area and living room, the space is flooded with light. And at night, pull the gold linen curtains and the space is enveloped in tranquility. Of course, you’ll find yourself peeking out at the Eiffel Tower if you do manage to close the curtains!

AFTER: The signature Hermès scarf.

One of the elements our owners love is the signature Hermès scarf that Ann uses as design inspiration for each Paris Perfect Shared apartment. Sancerre’s scarf is the “La Réale – Vue du Carrosse de la Galère” pattern that is a classic Hermès design first issued in 1953 and that has since been created in many colors. It features a ship that is now in the collection of the Musée National de la Marine in Paris. When Ann spotted it she had a vision that the entire apartment would revolve around the soft blue gray and gold colors. We love having the inspiration for the apartment so beautifully displayed in Sancerre. The framed Hermès scarf is a design statement in itself!

AFTER: New entrance to the master bedroom on the right.

At the far end of the open plan dining area with kitchen, an antique decorative mantle topped with a gorgeous antique mirror anchors the room and creates a beautiful focal point. The original floor plan had a hallway on the left leading to both bedrooms and the bathroom. Now the doorway on the left is for a guest powder room while a new doorway opened on the right leads to the master bedroom.

Master Bedroom: Adding an Ensuite Bathroom

AFTER: Serene master bedroom with full ensuite bathroom.

One of the most satisfying and surprising transformations at Sancerre was the master bedroom. The final result is a bright and peaceful room with soft grey floral wallpaper, Parisian inspired artwork, a full ensuite bathroom and even a built-in workspace. Quite an update from the original space, but let’s take a closer look at all the work that was done to create such a beautiful result.

BEFORE: Master bedroom before the renovation.

When purchased, the master bedroom at Sancerre was a peculiar shape. The one bathroom shared by both bedrooms cut a large chunk out of the room, which you can see in the photo above. It left a strange space at the far end that was really only suitable for closets.

BEFORE: The apartment’s original bathroom (LEFT) / Separate toilet (RIGHT).

However, with some creative rearranging of the bathrooms, we were able to create a bedroom with plenty of storage – and its own full ensuite bathroom. The apartment originally only had one bathroom that was split into a bathroom with a bathtub/ shower combo and sink and a separate powder room with toilet.

AFTER: Plenty of storage and powder room on the right.

Once the solution hit us it was quite obvious. By redesigning the master bedroom completely, we came up with a clever solution that would allow us to create two powder rooms where the original bathroom was located while at the same time creating more space in the bedroom. A guest powder room was created with access from the dining area and a new powder room with toilet and sink was added to the master bedroom.

AFTER: New powder room in the master bedroom.

The clever bit was adding a wall and creating a large bathroom with shower, sink and even room for a washer and dryer in that space that was once just an awkward closet. What a better use of space! And since there’s yet another huge French window, the bathroom is flooded with natural light.

AFTER: Ensuite master bathroom.

With its long sink and large shower with massive rainwater shower head, this bathroom is just a dream. Open the windows to the sights and sounds of Paris while you start your day.

AFTER: Ensuite bathroom with shower and washer/ dryer.

Taking such an awkward shaped room and turning it into a beautiful and also extremely functional bedroom and ensuite bathroom is an enormous satisfaction. We know every owner of Sancerre will enjoy these details and all the work that went into creating a welcoming and elegant home in Paris.

Second Bedroom: In a New Location with an Eiffel Tower View!

AFTER: A glimpse of the second bedroom at Sancerre.

Now it’s finally the moment to get a closer look at the beautiful new bedroom at Sancerre. It’s located to the right of the apartment entrance just past a antique gold framed mirror. After deciding to move the kitchen with the new open plan design, the entire area was gutted and prepared to create a new bedroom. Here’s a look at the space we started with when it was still a kitchen.

BEFORE: The kitchen when Sancerre was purchased.

This apartment did originally have two bedrooms, which was one of its many recommending features when we first saw it. However, there was only one bathroom for both bedrooms and we knew with the redesign it was a priority to create additional bathrooms as well. Since this space already structurally set up as a kitchen with water and drainage, it was possible to add a shower room ensuite to the second bedroom. When we redesign spaces we work to create beautiful as well as comfortable living spaces – always a struggle in historic Parisian buildings. But we love the challenge!

BEFORE: The original second bedroom.

By knocking down the wall and opening up the original second bedroom, we were able to create a much larger living space while also creating a new second bedroom with an ensuite shower room. Remember that old kitchen? You certainly won’t recognize it now!

AFTER: Gorgeous new second bedroom.

The bed is placed in a little nook and soft gold curtains set the scene. Unique built-in shelves on either side of the bed create storage while the wallpaper adds a touch of whimsy. A floor to ceiling French window opens to an ornate iron railing – again so very Parisian. And the best part? Sit back and relax in bed while enjoying a perfectly framed view of La Grande Dame!

AFTER: Enjoy this stunning Eiffel Tower view from bed.

Now just imagine waking up to that view! It’s even more magical when the lights dance across the Eiffel Tower every hour on the hour after dark. You might just have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming!

AFTER: New ensuite bathroom with shower and sink.

In the new second bedroom there’s now a beautiful new bathroom with dark marble and geometric tiling on the floor. The large shower has a rainwater shower head and there’s plenty of storage in the bathroom.

AFTER: Luxurious marble and tile details in ensuite bathroom.

One feature we especially enjoy about the new floor plan of Sancerre is the privacy since the bedrooms are located on opposite sides of the apartment instead of side by side sharing a bathroom. The space is much more comfortable, especially with a few more special additions that we made during the renovation.

Bonus: Details to Make You Feel at Home in Paris

AFTER: The new guest powder room.

Whether its completely redesigning an apartment to add bathrooms and more comfortable living spaces or searching for the perfect antique decorative elements, every single detail in our Paris Perfect Shared apartments is selected to help our owners feel at home in Paris.

AFTER: Antique details at Sancerre.

At Sancerre, you’ll find beautiful antique furniture, chandeliers, mirrors and artwork throughout the apartment. Under Ann’s expert eye everything comes together perfectly.

AFTER: Work space in the master bedroom.

As many of our owners have the ability to work from any location or are semi-retired, having a work space in the apartment is always a priority. The master bedroom has a built-in desk that’s great for those zoom calls, catching up with a bit of work or simply video calling with family. We’ve thought of all the details so you can simply arrive and feel right at home.

Paris Perfect Shared: At Home in Paris at Sancerre

AFTER: Imagine yourself at home at Sancerre.

We hope you enjoyed this remarkable before and after transformation of Sancerre! Click on the Videos tab here to take a tour through Sancerre with Paris Perfect founder, Madelyn Byrne, and designer Ann Huff. If you’ve fallen in love with this very special apartment, email us at [email protected] right away to secure one of the last remaining shares of Sancerre. Will you be one of the lucky owners to call Sancerre home?

Curious about how our Paris Perfect co-ownership program works and if it might be right for you? Read more about Paris Perfect Shared and get in touch if you’d like to find out more!

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