My Favorite Photos of Paris …. Pastries!


selection-of-pastriesThis delicious shop is located next to our daughter’s orthodontist in the 17th arrondissement. Consistently good quality and selection. It’s our treat to stop by here for a quiche and dessert after she gets her braces tightened. My regret is that she is almost finished with her treatment and it’s a hike to get over there. Fine pastry-making is a French Cultural Heritage and, for the French, a basic necessity of life. ‘Vive la France et leurs patisseries.’

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  1. Lorie McMillin says:

    We are SO excited!! We’re renting your Cabernet apartment starting December 27th, for our first time in Paris! I keep coming to your site (LOVE the new site, although your video on the old site was the Cabernet, which I can’t watch now!) 🙂 But, we are beyond excited. It’s all I can think about. We’re practicing with Rosetta Stone so we can say phrases like “The cat sleeps”, very useful in French conversation. At any rate, thank you so much for the blog!

  2. MichaellaS says:

    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

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