Love French Food, But Can’t Live Without Some American Treats


Can't beat American Favorites

Can’t beat American Favorites

We just arrived bleary-eyed from our working vacation in the U.S.  and unpacked the American Treasures we can’t live without! While we love French food, Paris open air markets and restaurants, certain American products are irresistible.

We did our share for the American economy by buying copious quantities of the following. As I review my list, chocolate is a recurring theme.

1.)  Hershey’s Chocolate Chips — A bargain from Costco. I boast the best recipe for tollhouse cookies using French salted butter. Will post soon.

2.)  M+M’s — No comparison with the best French and Swiss chocolate, but colorful. My daughter and I sponsor a Gingerbread House session at school before Christmas and turn out dozens.   A great fund raiser for a favorite charity.  M+M’s are perfect for roofs and pathways. We need thousands and they weigh a ton! Loved the new frosted colors and clever 100 calorie packs.

3.) Found  ‘Green and Black Organic Milk Chocolate’  (for our Pierre Herme’ Macaron recipe) for only $2.50 per bar at Target.  Quel bargain: sorry, it’s produced in the Uk but costs half the price in the U.S.   If you love milk chocolate, get to your nearest Target and stock up.

4.) Dried cranberries, blueberries and pecans.  Tarte au citron with pecan crust, yogurt with dried fruits. I’m sneeking in Oreos here, so you won’t think I’m a complete chocolate glutton…but I am. Also one bar of Ghirardelli dark chocolate with raspberry filling. Have not opened it yet. Hope it’s as good as Cote d’Or from Belgium.

5.) Thor Lo socks Love those arch supports.

6.) Our 13 year old daughter discovered Abercrombie and promises she doesn’t need anything else for school By the way, the store was packed with Italian and French families doing their share for the American economy. “Mama, ti piace? Ne compriamo due!”  “Maman, j’ai absolument besoin de ces jeans. Ils sont trop mignons!”

7.) Sunshine!  We brought it home with us and the weather has been beautiful.

8.) Five extra pounds: My sister Lisa at Italy Perfect and I have vowed to support each other with daily messaging to exercise daily and stay away from … chocolate.

Bonne rentree’ and hope you’ve all had a great break this summer!

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