Paris’s Best Crème Brûlée


creme bruleeEnjoy the small pleasures like Amélie.

Remember the scene from Amélie where Audrey Tautou ponders life’s little pleasures? One of them is cracking into a luscious crème brûlée. A rich and creamy vanilla-laced custard covered in a crisp sugar shell, it’s hard not to love the classic French dessert. It takes time to perfect this sublime dessert and while it’s a staple in Paris, it isn’t that easy to find a first-rate version of the scrumptious treat.


La Fontaine de Mars

HW-fountain-du-mars-cafe-original-1La Fontaine de Mars in the 7th arrondissement. Photo: Hannah Wilson.

Located right in the heart of the stylish 7th arrondissement is the well-known La Fontaine de Mars. Famously featured in the MICHELIN Guide, it proffers classic French fare in a chic, relaxed environment. They have also fully mastered the crème brûlée. Fontaine’s rendition of “burnt cream” is simply irresistible: an unbelievably smooth and flavorful custard with a glassy caramel-laden top. La Fontaine de Mars, 129 Rue Saint Dominique, 75007.

Le Florimond

FO-133196171-creme-bruleeAn elevated version of the crème brûlée at Le Florimond.

Le Florimond, an elegant fine dining restaurant, is set along Avenue de la Motte Picquet right between the École Militaire and Les Invalides. The crème brûlée here is an elevated version, served with sweet figs and honey, and is delightfully light with a sweet veil. Le Florimond, 19 Avenue de la Motte Picquet, 75007.

La Brasserie Printemps

HW-printemps-street-originalThe grand Printemps. Photo: Hannah Wilson. 

La Brasserie Printemps is located under the stained glass dome on the top floor of the Printemps department store. The ambiance is pleasantly buzzy, and there’s a classic French menu served with a modern edge. The silky crème brûlée here is clearly made with love (and high-quality vanilla) and is infused with bourbon. La Brasserie Printemps, 64 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009.

Le Coupe Chou

Le Coupe Chou: a charming corner brasserie.

The totally charming Le Coupe Chou is set on a tranquil street in the 5th arrondissement, right next to La Sorbonne. They serve affordable classic French fare in a homey setting and it’s a lovely spot for a dinner date in its tucked-away locale. The crème brûlée here is delicately flavored with Grand Marnier – a divine touch. Bon appétit! Le Coupe Chou, 11 Rue de Lanneau, 75005.

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