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Most people are probably familiar with the lilting old song, “I love Paris in the springtime”, but Paris is also known for its gorgeous views, lovely attractions and wonderful winter celebrations in the autumn and winter seasons as well. Although not seen by many as the destination for their autumn or winter trip, Paris during November through to January can offer city break lovers and sightseeing enthusiasts a rich and glorious taste of Parisian hospitality and warmth during the cooler seasons.

Enjoying Paris during November allows holidaymakers a more affordable experience as accommodation and travel are known to be more expensive during the busier spring/summer seasons. Another benefit of visiting during the cooler months is that the streets and tourist attractions are far less crowded and you also have increased availability for your travel and apartment options.  Stunning Paris apartments that are often booked up well in advance during the summer are more likely to be available for the dates you wish to travel, even if you book last minute.

Renting an apartment is common, and often the suggested and frequently preferred way to stay. Our Paris apartments are available in a range of different sizes ranging from cosy one or two bedroom studios up to lavish and spacious three bedroom options, each providing the conveniences of extra comfort and central locations.

Our Paris vacation rentals can be found dotted around the numerous unique sights and attractions that Paris offers its visitors throughout the year. Chic apartments located near the iconic Eiffel Tower, the famous Notre Dame cathedral or nestled in between the tall stone shops and charming Parisian coffee houses are a great attraction in themselves.

One of the most notable occasions during a Parisian November is the Festival d’Automne, or Autumn Festival. Starting back in 1972 by the then minister of culture, Michel Guy, the Festival d’Automne for the 2011 season begins Thursday 15th September, running throughout November and ending just before Christmas on December 21’st. The festival is home to rich artisan crafts and fun exhibits which appeal to both the avant-garde as well as the more traditional traveller.

Other things not to miss in November include the Fête du Beaujolais Gourmand (19th-23rd November) a celebration of the new French wine on the day of its release plus there are plenty of other cultural interests like the National Museum of Art, the Notre Dame Cathedral and other local religious buildings. With their magnificent designs, these characteristically conceived buildings characterise the pinnacle of ageless French architecture.

Deciding to head to Paris during November is an excellent choice and travellers will enjoy the unique and relaxed atmosphere of the quiet beauty and subtle charm that embodies this captivating city.

This post was written by travel blogger Roxi B who gets to combine two things she loves. Writing and Traveling. It’s her job to travel the world and give fellow travelers advice on a range of topics ranging from where to get cheap car hire in London to the best authentic restaurants in Morocco.

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  1. Dana says:

    Do you have any details on locations/times for festivities around the Beaujolais?

  2. madelyn says:

    Hi Dana, celebrations being all over France on the third Thursday of November. The biggest festival is held in Beauje, the capital of the Beaujolais province. Lyon also celebrates with a Beaujolympiades (Olympics), marking the release with fireworks, music and wine tastings. If you’re in Paris, restaurants and bistros host their own Beaujolais Nouveau parties, staying open throughout the night and uncorking hundreds of bottles.

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