Paris Flea Market Update – Amazing New Finds!


Vintage French Designer Clothing at the Puces

A window display dedicated to Coco Chanel. Shop for vintage French designer clothing at the Puces or Flea Market in Paris.

If you enjoy antiques, funky furnishings, art, old clothing, jewelry — anything under the sun — then the Puces, or Paris flea market, is a top place to visit in Paris! I spent a Saturday there recently and discovered some wonderful new boutiques. The most exciting of all was an amazing vintage clothing boutique called Les Merveilles de Babellou. They have two shops at the Paul Bert Market, which is one of the furthest down the Puces on your left. Go as far to the back as you can and you’re in Allee 1 and the Babellou stores are at Stand 13 and Stand 77.

best designer vintage paris

Entrance to Babbelou’s first store in the Paris flea market


more vintage ball gowns in pairs

Recognize Louis Féraud on the far left, Yves Saint Laurent with black and white gown … and Anne Valentin in red and black? Classics you could wear today or even decades from now

Not sure which French Designer created the blue chiffon silk gown below, but my first thought was of Princess Leah in Star Wars!

princess lea dress paris flea market

This shop is also the perfect place to find just the right handbag for every occasion. The display was a riot of colors with many fine and tempting purses, clutches and handbags to choose from.

vintage purses paris

Vintage handbags galore!

I was smitten by the beautiful color coordinated accessories by the great French designers. Where to find that perfect French accessory? At the Puces!

vintage jewelry flea market

Red, blue, purple, black … every kind of shoe and handbag and belt you could want.


paco rabanne gowns

Paco Rabanne designed this unusual eggplant colored gown


collector handbags

Evening bags

The assistant explained that the two outfits below were precious and semi-precious accessories for dancers at the famous Moulin Rouge in another age.  I didn’t dare ask the prices!

moulin rouges stripper outfit


semi precious stripper outfit

The perfect accessory for dancers at the Moulin Rouge in the 1950s


diamonds and gold jewelry flea market

Chanel, more Chanel, Dior, Hermes – huge selections of vintage designer jewelry


babello store paris

Babbelou’s 2nd Store at the Flea Market; one of a kind vintage Paris design

Wandering along the Serpette Market, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of these gold crowns!  You’ll find plenty of antique jewelry stores in the Puces of Paris.

crowns for sale flea market


paris flea market vintage jewelry

More jewelry stores at the Paris Flea Market


vintage jewelry stand puces paris

And even more gold and vintage jewelry in the Paris Puce


cute little dog

Cute guy!

And now back to one of my favorite fabric, antique tablecloths and Victorian children’s clothing stores. Find it in the Biron market, first on your right as you head down rue de Rosiers, somewhere in the middle. I never remember the address, but simply wander up and down through dozens of allies and hundreds of shops to find it…

antique linens paris

There’s so much to continue to discover at the Puces flea market in Paris. Even if you’ve been once and think you’ve seen it all, the next time you’ll find another treasure trove to discover. To find out more, visit our Paris Perfect Flea Market Guide.

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