Did You Know There’s an Eiffel Tower Apartment on the Top?



The most important thing in real estate is “location, location, location,” and in Paris, that often means views of the Eiffel Tower. But what about an apartment within the tower itself? Seems impossible and impractical? Well, for Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the monumental structure, it was the perfect hideaway. On your next trip, ride the elevator to the top level, enjoy the panoramic views and don’t forget to peek into the Eiffel Tower apartment!

Learn about the Eiffel Tower Apartment

Situated on the very top of the Eiffel Tower, Gustave’s private offices are certainly tiny, which isn’t surprising considering its location inside a pointed steel structure. You may expect a room like this to look very industrial, since the difficulties of finding an appropriate amount of space among the metal support structure would be difficult, but aside from a massive steel beam jutting in at a diagonal, the room looks like it could be inside any other Parisian building down on the ground! The style isn’t ostentatious or showy, but simple and comfortable. The decor remains largely the same since 1900, with floral wallpaper, upholstered seating and wooden furniture. It is said that Mr. Eiffel would frequently meet with guests here. Lifelike wax figures of Eiffel, his daughter Claire and Thomas Edison can be seen  conversing in the room.


Gustave Eiffel seated with Thomas Edison, Image by Serge Melki

What would prompt someone to build such an unusual abode? It wouldn’t make for a practical place to live, being so far removed from the ground below. The space lends itself more appropriately to that of an office. Indeed, in addition to being an architect and engineer, Eiffel was also interested in meteorology and aerodynamics. He even set up laboratory space in the lower level of the tower. It makes sense, as someone interested in air, wind and atmosphere, that he would want to be perched atop the tallest building in the world at the time. In the words of Gina Greene, writer a wonderful essay that you can read here, the top of the tower was “like a spectacular airship” that “seemed poised for an exploratory adventure like the ‘space bullet’ aimed at the moon in a Jules Verne adventure.”


Eiffel’s daughter, Claire, in the background – image by Les Chatfield

Turn-of-the-Century Paris was all about technological advancement, modern life and national pride. Eiffel himself outlined his reasons for building such a structure: for modern architectural artistic expression of course, but also as testament to the age of progress he was living in, one which he saw as directly intertwined with the success of France. His little apartment symbolizes that attitude of optimism and exploration, and it’s an honor that we can still see it with our own eyes.


Thomas Edison, Image by Aniket Mone

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  1. Gordon Montgomery says:

    My boys ages I went to the Eiffel Tower Tower June 24, 2017, I think, and there were armed police everywhere and you couldn’t get close or walk under the tower. In fact a whole platoon of gendarmerie were staying in the hotel we were at, The Appart City in Saint- Maurice, Paris. How come? What was going on that day or that week? Just our luck. Trip of a lifetime and the damn thing was closed that day. And of course it was our last day so we couldn’t go up the tower. So close yet So Far away, i’ts an understatement. It would be nice to know what kept us from making a dream come true.

  2. Leah Walker says:

    For the past several years, people without a ticket can’t walk under the Eiffel Tower. There is often armed guards around the tower, so that’s not unusual either. It could have been that the employees of the tower were on strike or they were doing maintenance. There is no public holiday in June, so it’s difficult to know. However, we suggest coming back to Paris with your boys and staying in one of our apartments.

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