How to Skip the Lines at the Château of Versailles


Skip the Line Versailles

The line was so long, it had to be doubled-up!

A well-known fact about the tourism industry is that guided tour groups get priority access, usually skipping the lines at separate entrances, saving them loads of time. If you’re the kind of person who prefers exploring on your own, that may seem a little unfair. We think you should be able to skip the lines even if you don’t like the structure of a guided tour: to have the cake and eat it too. With this unique Palace of Versailles ticket, you can have the best of both worlds. The best part is that Paris Perfect guests benefit from a great discount! You’ll end up saving money, time and sanity with this ticket. In addition to skipping the line, you’ll enjoy a short historical introduction before traversing the rest of the palace at your own pace with an audio guide. Book your private your and skip the line here.

Versailles receives about 7 million visitors each year. Take it from someone who lives near the Château: every single morning, crowds of people arrive on the trains from Paris, all make their way toward the palace and then stand in a gigantic line outside of the sparkling golden gates. Don’t be one of those poor people, so close yet so far from their destination, all because of a missed opportunity.

Skip the Line Versailles 5

You’ll start the day by meeting your tour operator at the equestrian statue of Louis XIV in front of the main entrance of the Versailles Palace. Don’t worry, you can’t miss it. The statue will be the first thing you encounter as you approach the massive structure. Keep in mind, the meeting time is very strict, so don’t be late! Give yourself ample time to take the train and walk to the palace, at the very least 1 hour. The train ride alone can take 35-45 minutes, depending on where in Paris you’re departing from. If you’re unsure how to get to the palace, here’s a comprehensive guide that will answer all your questions: Paris to Versailles – The Definitive Guide.

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After bypassing the long line, entering the gilded gates and learning a bit of historical context from your guide, you’ll be free to explore the opulent rooms and halls with your personal audio guide. As you progress further into the palace, each room seems to get more and more awe-inspiring. Looking up at the painted ceilings and noticing the thousands of gorgeous details might be a bit dizzying, and the Hall of Mirrors is always a show-stopper! Other favorites include the chambers of the Sun King as well as Marie Antoinette’s apartments. It’s fun to imagine these halls filled with the rustle of extravagant gowns and the subdued murmurs of the royal court. In the time of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette, the prime of Versailles, every day was cause for a spectacle!

Skip the Line Versailles

Skip the Line Versailles

Skip the Line Versailles

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2 Responses to “How to Skip the Lines at the Château of Versailles”

  1. Marjie Short says:

    My family (2 adults, 22 year old and 16 year old) will be visiting on August 15 and would also like the tickets for the water show. I could not see the cost of your tickets in the article I read so I was just inquiring. Also, considering that August 15 is a French holiday, is that a very bad day to visit the castle? The only other choice for us would be August 16 but there is no water show on that date. Any advise you could provide would be helpful. (Also, is it allowed to bring in picnic items? bottled water?)

  2. Leah Walker says:

    Hello Marjie. The water show is included in admission to the gardens. If your objective is to see the water show, I wouldn’t let the fact that its a French holiday deter you from going. During August, many French leave Paris for the month, so you’re more than likely only fighting foreign tourists during this time.

    Here’s an article about the fountains:

    Hope that helps!

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