Buying the Paris Dream: An Interview with Fractional Owner Vickie Francone


A Fractional Owner Interview Eiffel Tower view

Eiffel Tower view from our Cairanne fractional apartment

Since the start of Paris Perfect, many of our guests have told us how much they love the beautifully furnished and maintained vacation rental properties we manage – from our own luxury linens and amenities to helpful service in Paris. They told us of their dream of owning a second home in Paris without the large, upfront investment to find and remodel an apartment. We listened, and last year launched two fractional ownership opportunities. The beautiful one bedroom Cairanne apartment sold out quickly.

Our latest fractional or shared ownership apartment is the beautiful two-bedroom Beaune, which accommodates up to six people. Each share provides a four week stay per year, at an incredibly reasonable cost. For less than $200,000, you can own an apartment in one of the city’s most prestigious areas—the 7th arrondissement. With an Eiffel Tower view and luxurious interiors, there’s not a better deal in town for those who want to have a home in Paris, without all the headaches and responsibilities.

Join our live webinar on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 to learn more about the Beaune and Paris Perfect Shared!

I recently asked one of the owners of our Cairanne fractional about Paris, as well as her decision to become a fractional owner.

A Fractional Owner Interview Tuileries and Louvre

The Tuleries and Louvre are quintessentially Paris.

A Fractional Owner Interview

Bob and Vickie Francone grew up not far from the busy Silicon Valley life of California. The land was configured in apricot trees in the beginning before history put its mark on the property. In the 1950-60s, life was simple growing up in a close knit family from both Italian and Croatian descent.

Buying the Paris Dream by Paris Perfect

Bob and Vickie Francone enjoying their beloved Paris.

After school, Bob’s career led him into the field of fire science for the city of Mountain View, and
 Vickie’s into engineering in Silicon Valley, where she spent most of her career. Bob and Vickie founded AD HOC Fire Investigations in 2005 in the fire investigative industry, until it was acquired in 2014.

Their daughter, son-in-law and three darling grandsons live in California. Bob and Vickie share a love of architecture, and in 1995 built a Dutch Colonial home in
 Los Gatos, California, where they enjoy retirement, their French garden, cooking and wine tasting. They have owned properties at the beach in Santa Cruz and wine country in Napa, California.

A Fractional Owner Interview Carianne apartment

The gorgeous living room of the Cairanne fractional

Bob and Vickie found traveling has brought more joy than taking on the daily responsibility of owning vacation properties. This is why fractional ownership is so attractive to them. They can enjoy the Cairanne fractional, without having to manage the property.
 It was a final decision to become a lasting part of Paris Perfect and not just a visitor!

Maddy: You’ve had an interesting and varied career. What are your hobbies and passions?

Vickie: I love architecture of all kinds. I come to Paris to nurture the depth of my passion with all the varied roof lines and facades that this city has to offer. It never ceases to amaze me that there is so much beauty to behold in one city. My husband and I both love gardening and have turned our backyard into a French garden with hundreds of boxwood hedges and beautiful white roses, which are centered around a large water fountain.

Buying the Paris Dream: A Fractional Owner Interview with Vickie Francone by Paris Perfect Place Dauphine

Enjoy the view from 25 Place Dauphine.

Like many, you’re able to take more time to breathe in life. What made you want to own in Paris?

I just can’t get enough of this glorious city. Before making the decision to own in Paris, I stayed at 25 Place Dauphine and watched a movie crew filming. I’ve watched out the window at midnight where a film crew taped a couple dancing the tango through the sand of Place Dauphine. It was just magical.

You’re staying at Paris Perfect’s Cairanne fractional apartment right now. Are you there with family and what have you been up to?

Each time I share this place with family, my schedule changes according to their interests. One family member just graduated from college with a degree in studio art. We gifted her with this trip to see all the masters she studied.

What are your favorite daily activities when you’re in Paris?

I walk in different directions discovering places I have never seen before. The 7th arrondissement is so great discovering, with all the quaint shops that one area can possess. The bus is also great because all the sites are in full view. I prefer it to the metro. Every turn I make during my daily walks bring interesting experiences.

Buying the Paris Dream: A Fractional Owner Interview with Vickie Francone by Paris Perfect Notre Dame

One of the most picturesque points in Paris

Unexpected pleasures?

The secret view of the Eiffel Tower at Square Rapp. What a sight to behold!

Anything you would not recommend? (For example, I personally don’t like spending time on the Champs-Élysées…too many big box stores and tourists).

That’s funny you say that, I too never go to the Champs-Élysées. It’s just too touristy for my liking. I also don’t have any interest in going to the Lido or Moulin Rouge.

Any favorite exhibitions or activities this stay? And ideas you’d like to do for your next one?

We will arrive in June when the trees are green and weather is still mild, but pleasant. I will walk as much as possible. I long to experience more French music while I am in Paris. We did go to Jardin des Serres d’ Auteuil and had a picnic in the 18th century indoor botanical garden in the 16th arrondissement. It was a lovely break to the cooler weather.

Buying the Paris Dream: A Fractional Owner Interview with Vickie Francone by Paris Perfect Rue Cler

Cafe life on Rue Cler, a short walk from our fractionals

Secret finds you’re willing to share – restaurants, stores or activities?

Well, I follow all the “foodie” new restaurants in Paris and their new talented chefs. I prefer them over the established fine restaurants. I love Frenchies and also Frenchies Wine Bar restaurant. Each trip I go there and the food is excellent! It’s a newer cuisine, with very fresh food. Frenchies now has three places–Paris, London and New York.

They just received a Michelin star the night we dined there. I believe the wine bar restaurants are much more popular these days in Paris. Septime just opened a wine bar too. Not to be mistaken for a bar that just serves liquor, but very good small plate gourmet food. I also follow Vanessa Grail author of Don’t Be A Tourist In Paris. So many great ideas while visiting Paris!

Where else would you like to spend time – Europe or other? My husband and I have traveled extensively in Italy, as his ancestors come from there.

My roots are from Dubrovnik, Croatia where I would like to visit our family home. I would also like to see Amsterdam and Spain. I love travel learning about all the different cultures. However, my heart belongs to France.

Buying the Paris Dream: A Fractional Owner Interview with Vickie Francone by Paris Perfect Luxembourg Garden

Luxembourg Gardens is a respite any time of the year.

Read all the details about becoming a fractional owner like Bob and Vickie! You’ll have a total of one month per year in your very own Paris pad. For Paris lovers, this is a cost-effective way to share in the ownership of an apartment in one of the finest locations the city has to offer.

Buying the Paris Dream: A Fractional Owner Interview with Vickie Francone by Paris Perfect

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    I am interested and will be in Paris for a day or 2 in July and could possibly see an offering or two. I have a few questions regarding fractional ownership in general:

    How often will the annual assessment charge increase? Every year? How long before a $4,000 annual assessment becomes $8,000? Or is it more likely that over time the purchase price for new investors would increase before the annual assessment?

    How is the issue of Smoking handled? There is nothing that can wreck a stay more than finding oneself living in the midst of stale smoke embedded in the sofa and rug.

    Is there a way to run the two week stays consecutively for one longer stay? For example. Could one start with the second offer (least desirable 2 weeks ) and then piggyback the 2 weeks before or after that with their “first choice.” Though It could mean spending an entire month in August! Just asking.

    Thank you in advance for responding.

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