The Biggest Luxury Discount Store in Paris!



Biggest Designer Discount Store in Paris

The Biggest Luxury Consignment Store in Paris

Worn that € 1,000 pair of shoes from Chanel once for that special party?  Clearing out your original Vuitton luggage? Don’t wear your 52nd Hermes scarf?  The lucky recipient of 2 Kelly handbags for your birthday? For luxury fashion items in impeccable condition,  this is the granddaddy of all consignment stores.

Paris is famous for the big sales that begin just after Christmas and that’s a perfect reason to visit. But did you know about the fabulous year-round treasure troves at Paris’ largest luxury consignment stores?

Reciproque is the largest luxury consignment store in Paris, located in the upscale 16th arrondissement. It is comprised of 7 boutiques and over 7,500 square feet of selling space, all located on Rue de la Pompe near the metro stop of the same name. The location is walking distance or a short metro ride from many of our Paris vacation rentals.


Fabulous Shoes, Boots, Sandals by Every Luxury Designer in the World

About the 16th Arrondissement

The 16th arrondissement is known as the BCBG, or Bon Chic Bon Genre quartier (good style, good class) and many Parisians aspire to live and shop here.  A little snob (Philippe does a great imitation of how locals pronounce Seizième)…. it's just across the river from many of our apartment rentals in the 7th arrondissement.  The rows of Haussmanian buildings are indeed beautiful, although the rows of buildings somewhat confining.

This very French quarter offers some of the best restaurants, food stores and boutiques in Paris and if you spend time in Paris, it's a must to explore. Cross the river behind the Trocadero, visit the Museum of Mankind and the café and enjoy magnificent views over the Seine, the Eiffel Tower and Ecole Militaire. Or immerse yourself in a Parisian's Paris behind the Trocadero where you can sit at one of four chic café’s to meet friends and watch the world go by.

The 16th is also where shrewd Parisians go to find great fashion bargains. As one Parisian told me, she starts her morning in the 8th arrondissement next door — on Ave Montaigne and Faubourg St. Honore — scoping out the latest eye stopping fashions. Then straight to the 16th and Reciproque (or Catherine Max– more on Max later) with credit card.

The gorgeous Prada shoes below were priced at €345, to give you an example.  This is high end discount retailing!


Matching Discount Designer Shoes and Handbags


Mme. Nicole Morel founded the business 30 years ago and continues to oversee each and every department with great care. She knows brands, styles, best sellers and classics like no one you have ever met. As I interviewed her, she answered the phone and I overhead her saying ‘Not another mink with wrap collar! Well this is the season; tell her €1,000 and we’ll do our best.’

There is every known brand and label from France, Italy and around the world: Hermes,Chanel, Dior, Vuitton, Ferre, Armani, Celine, Lacroix, Dolce, Gaultier, Sander, Choo, Blanik, Pradi, Rolex, Baccarat, Westwood, Balenciaga, Chaumet, Comme des Garcons, Escada, Fendi, Ferragamo and more.


Paris Discount Shopping: Evening Gown Bargains

Discounts: Mme. Morel explained that discounts range between 20% to 80% depending on the item, brand and demand. For example a Kelly handbag is in such high demand that there is a very small discount, but you don’t have to wait six months at Hermes. A more common item might be 60% off. Hermes scarves are € 195 vs almost € 300 at the Herme’s Store on rue Faubourg St. Honore’. If that first label item is a little beyond reach, check at Reciproque. You can compare prices easily, because the 16th is next to the 8th arrondissement where the flagship stores are located: Ave. Montaigne, Champs Elysees and Faubourg St. Honore.

The recession has taken its toll and since this store has traditionally been for Parisians, business has slowed.  The assortments are at their best and you can sometimes bargain slightly for a high ticket item. I love the fact that their basic website is offered in only 3 languages: French, English…and Russian.


The Beige Evening Gowns Took Up an Entire Rack

Reciproque Stores:
Open Tuesday to Friday: 11 am to 7 pm.  Saturdays 10:30 to 7 pm

No. 89 rue de la Pompe: Jewelry, Crystal, Silver and Art: This store sells everything from classic Cartier rings to Hermes watches, to antique French silver, to signed paintings by known artist, to Baracat crystal from the 1930’s. It’s small but packed with inventory.


Hermes Watches with Original Boxes in the Jewelry Store

No. 92 rue de la Pompe: Men’s: The Men’s Store sells every top brand of clothing and accessory for men: Never worn to hardly worn suits, jeans, sweaters, jackets, shirts, polo shirts, coats shoes…. to Louis Vuitton luggage. On two floors, the racks are jammed with fine clothing.


Men's Discount Store; 2 Floors, Jam-Packed Including Designer Luggage

No. 93 rue de la Pompe: Women’s Evening and Cocktail: This was my favorite boutique and wonderfully overwhelming. Fabulous evening gowns, cocktail dresses, shoes, wedding accessories and more. I loved the shoes and gowns, wondering what the occasion and story was behind the most fabulous or unusual. The next time I’m invited to a Coronation Ball, here is where I’ll shop.


Dior Evening Shoes…Fabulous Design!

No. 95 rue de la Pompe: Women’s Boutique: My mother in law used to tell me about this store, where I could find classic Chanel suits by the dozen. Why didn’t I follow her advice years ago? One wall displays nothing but Chanel jackets. I have learned a lot about French fashion taste over the past few decades; having one or two great suits that are timeless is the key. All clothing must be in good condition and if you need a fab suit, great pair of slacks, jeans, sweaters, tops you’ll find them here.

These Dior shoes with the fabulous heel were marked at €299


Dior Evening Shoes Discount price Euros 299


Hats of every size, color and design!

No. 97 rue de la Pompe: Consignment Depot: This is where everyone from genteel nobility who could use a little cash, to efficient fashionistas make their appointment to evaluate and drop off their fashion items. Clothes and all items must be high fashion designer labels, in excellent condition and in demand.  If you're lucky, they will take them on.  Average selling cycle is 3 months to one year.

No. 101 rue de la Pompe: Hand bags, Costume Jewelry, Coats, Jackets: When I was there, the store was filled with Japanese and Chinese buyers.


Dresses for every taste and occasion at discount prices


Row Upon Row of Paris Shopping Bargains

· Scarves: Hundreds of Hermes scarves in perfect condition, plus other great brands such as Ferragamo.  Discounts are about 30 to 35% from new at the Hermes store on Fauboug St. Honore. My favorites are the classic designs that are no longer made.


Hermes Scarves: the Best Designs 30% Off

· Handbags and Purses: Racks and shelves are divided by brand, from Bottega Veneta, to Vuitton to….


Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes Handbags at Big Discounts


Thousands of designer shoes and boots!

· Bathing suits: yes, even bikinis and monokinis have a season for the fashionistas of Paris. Find only the best brands including Eres, the most sought after bathing suits in Paris.


More Discount Purses: Longchamps, Rykiel, Chloe and more.

· Coats and raincoats: Racks are jam packed; here is where to look for your next Burberry.


Happy Discount Shopping in Paris!


Baccarat and Lalique Crystal: Paris Discount Shopping

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    I’m hyperventilating! Paris never ceases to amaze. Gorgeous photos!!

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    Definitely a place to visit when you go to Paris next spring!

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    could you please tell me which store sells pre-loved fur coats.

    I am coming to Paris for a few months May 1 2010

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    now people that cant afford the real high prices can also show that they have prestidge

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    Definitely go to Reciproque in the 16th!! Address is above and also more information on this link:

  12. madelyn says:

    Thanks Mary, appreciate the encouragement! Madelyn

  13. madelyn says:

    Most of the big designer houses are on Ave Matignon in the 8th arrondissement. Mouth watering designs!

  14. Bargain Shopping in Paris: Discount French Fashions | Parisien Salon says:

    […] They had rack upon rack of Chanel suits, already discounted and on special promotion. When you see how great Chanel jackets look on French women with a pair of jeans, it was so tempting! I own too many Hermes scarves thanks to my mother-in-law who believes one can never own too many. But the beautiful selection tempted me to buy yet another, at € 195 versus € 300 new in the store…and in perfect condition. If I ever have a special occasion for an evening gown – or if our 14 year old daughter needs a pair of glass slippers to attend Cinderella’s ball, this is where we’re heading first! Click here more information on Reciproque, Paris’ largest designer consignment discount store. […]

  15. Vera says:

    Another great store everyone should see when visiting Paris is Colette. They sell clothes, gadgets, everything. And now they also have these awesome cargo bikes in the show window. It seems to be a Dutch brand; Johnny Loco.

  16. Zling says:

    I love ur site! It gives so much insight to Paris. Do u know where I can find pre loved Chanel bags? I’ll be in paris soon, counting down in 30 days!

  17. madelyn says:

    The best place I’ve found is Reciproque in the 16th arrondissement. There are smaller shops such as Au Gre’ du Vent at 10 rue des Quatre-Vents in the 6th near Odeon, but Reciproque seems to have a larger selection..

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    do you know if reciproque can be contacted by email?

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    Hi Adrian, sorry but I can’t find an email address for Reciproque on their website. I think the only option is to call the store on 01 47 04 30 28.

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    i will be coming to this stop again and again. i love this store. see you again in december!

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