Beautiful Reflections on the Seine River



Some of the most famous monuments in Paris line the Seine River

I love running or walking along the Seine. Doesn’t matter what time of day, how fast or slow…it’s always beautiful. The heart of Paris is small enough that you can walk to many favorite spots, walk all the way from the Eiffel Tower to past Notre Dame without getting tired – but large enough to offer an amazing diversity of buildings, sites and monuments!

On my last run the Seine was so calm that I had fun taking pictures of the reflections of buildings in the river…It was so smooth that you could recognize the museum or landmark, even without seeing the original above.


Paris landmarks reflected on the water


Musee d’Orsay on the banks of the Seine


Reflection of the Louvre on the Seine River


The beautiful Ile St Louis in Paris


Bridges reflected on the Seine in Paris


Perfect reflection of the Grand Palais


Guess which monument this is?

I took tons of pictures past the Musee d’Orsay, Louvre, Academie Francaise, Musee de la Monaie, Ile de la Cite’ until a police boat came racing by leaving a huge wake in its trail that seemed to last forever.


Wake left behind by police boat

We hope you enjoy a short Paris vacation viewing these pictures !

6 Responses to “Beautiful Reflections on the Seine River”

  1. Michael Hodson says:

    Really lovely shots. Great eye.

  2. Sel Haynes says:

    What great images- they stirred memories because we were in your beautiful Touraine apartment only two months back. Now we want to go again!!

  3. ed soon says:

    time for me to return to visit Paris!

  4. Lane says:

    And ‘perfect’ Paris is – can’t wait to go/come back.

    Bernice agrees:)

  5. Laura from Ciao Amalfi says:

    I love these shots! They bring back such sweet memories of walking along the Seine. It was especially magical one morning in the snow. Next time I’m in Paris I’ll take a look for beautiful reflections like these and have my camera ready. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. beth ashby says:

    Thank you. I wish I were there. beautiful

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