The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide by Robyn Webb


The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide Book Review

Our Cabernet vacation rental highlighted on the cover of The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide!

We’re delighted to announce the publication of Robyn Webb’s new book The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide: Rent with Confidence – Learn Where to Stay Without Getting Overwhelmed, Ripped-off or Scammed! This is a labor of love for Robyn Webb, a passionate traveler and Paris lover as well as an award-winning cookbook author, nutritionist, culinary instructor and motivational speaker. We’re honored that Paris Perfect has been selected as one of the handful of Paris rental agencies included in The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide as well as having our beautiful Cabernet vacation rental featured on the cover!

Over the years we have welcomed so many wonderful guests to our Paris vacation apartment rentals, and along the way we’ve seen so many of them return to stay with us time and time again. They go from being Paris vacation rental novices to experts who feel at home in their adopted Parisian neighborhood – knowing which boulangerie makes the best baguettes, hitting the open-air markets like a local, watching the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night while curled up on the sofa and savoring all the charms of everyday life that many visitors miss out on while staying in hotels.

So how can you become an expert at finding the very best Paris vacation rental that is right for you? Well, that’s were Robyn’s book comes to the rescue. She’s shared a wealth of insider tips based on her experience and thorough research. The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide is divided into four sections:

Part Un – This section is ideal if you’re booking your first vacation rental in Paris and aren’t sure where to begin. Robyn guides you through the ins and outs and the key points to keep in mind while apartment hunting in Paris.

Part Deux – The second part delves in great detail into each of the 20 arrondissements in Paris and includes Robyn’s notes for the best neighborhoods and streets to stay on in each area. You’ll also find her tips on what to see and the best shopping spots, too.

Part Trois – Here’s where to head when you’re ready to book your apartment and are looking for the right vacation rental agency. There are a handful to choose from in Paris, but we hope we’ll be the right fit for your stay!

Part Quatre – The finishing touches for the book appear in the final section that includes Robyn’s tips on transportation, excellent food shopping spots, safety and tips for fitting into the Paris lifestyle.


If you’re planning a trip to Paris and are considering staying in an apartment rental, you’ll enjoy The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide. It’s full of tips that make it especially handy for first vacation rental newbies or seasoned Paris travelers looking to experience a more authentic Paris stay. You’ll find all the information below for connecting with Robyn Webb online and buying the book. And at $2.99 it’s une vrai affaire!

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Our Cabernet apartment on of the cover of The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide featured in Times Square!

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