The Picasso Museum in Paris is Open!


Picasso Museum Paris Marais

The Picasso Museum is set in the 17th-century Hotel Salé in the Marais

For five years Paris art lovers and travelers from around the world have not had the chance to visit one of Paris’ true museum gems – the Musée Picasso. After many delays (it was originally a 2 year renovation!), internal turmoil and going massively over budget, the Picasso Museum has finally re-opened. Home to one of the most extensive collection of Picasso’s work in the world, it’s now officially time to book your Paris visit to see the artwork on display in the magnificently redesigned and updated Hotel Salé, set in the heart of the Marais.

The Musée Picasso first opened in 1985 and has been a huge draw for art lovers thanks to its extensive collection of work from the artist’s entire career. The museum boasts tremendous depth with its collection of over 5,000 pieces of artwork, archival material and works by other artists that were part of Picasso’s personal collection. Holland Cotter from the New York Times takes a look at the successes and challenges in The Picasso Museum Reopens in Paris.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a really good retrospective, you know there’s nothing quite as fascinating as the rare chance to see a large collection of an artist’s work all together and all at one time. It offers a glimpse into their working mind and creativity that you just can’t get seeing a few paintings here or there. With 40,000 square feet of exhibition space, more than doubled from before the renovation, the newly designed Picasso Museum offers visitors the chance to come face to face with Picasso’s work in a new way. It’s as if the vivacity of Picasso himself is on display.

Take a peek inside the new Picasso Museum in Paris … and practice your French, too!

If you’re thinking about a visit to Paris to see the Picasso Museum, winter is the best time of the year for enjoying the museums in Paris without the crowds.


(Image Credits: Yann Caradec)

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