The Savoie: A Spacious Apartment in the Heart of the 2nd Arrondissement


Paris Perfect Apartment in the 2nd Arrondissement

We heartily believe that the City of Light is at its show-stopping best when enjoyed with friends and loved ones, which is why we’re ardent fans of the new Savoie, a three bedroom vacation rental with accommodations for 8, and plenty of room for everyone to relax and soak up the scene.

Paris Perfect Apartment in the 2nd Arrondissement

One of the prime reasons why our Paris Perfect vacation rentals are so revered is because of their undeniable style, and the Savoie is no exception. If we had to describe this spacious 2nd arrondissement apartment, it would be “classic.” Everything in the Savoie, from the towering ceilings touched with ornate details to the antique Parisian furnishings, is reminiscent of a classic old-world style that’s refined and elegant. The subtly modern furnishings keep the apartment feeling fresh and clean.

Paris Perfect Apartment in the 2nd Arrondissement

The great room, complete with a seriously comfortable living area and posh dining table, borders a wall of towering French windows for limitless light. It’s the perfect cozy setting for long, leisurely meals that transition into coffee and cocktails on the plush sofas and armchairs.

Paris Perfect Apartment in the 2nd Arrondissement

The kitchen has an additional dining table for more casual meals, as well as ample counter space for multiple chefs. With top-notch appliances and room to spread out, cooking at the Savoie can be an effortless family affair.

Paris Perfect Apartment in the 2nd Arrondissement

Naturally, even the most close-knit families and groups of friends needs their own personal space, and the Savoie features three well-appointed bedrooms that double as private sanctuaries. With those signature French windows, en-suite bathrooms, and built-in wardrobes and storage areas to maximize space, every bedroom with the Savoie is simply a dream.


The dreamy Galerie Vivienne in the heart of the 2nd Arrondissement

The interior is classically artful, from the décor to the clever use of space, and is a fine testament to the worldly selection of attractions and historic sites located just blocks away. Take a stroll to the famous Louvre museum, meander down nearby covered passageways or unwind alongside the Seine in the sprawling classic Tuileries Garden. All of these sites are just a quick stroll away from the Savoie, making this apartment an enticing vacation rental for our culturally-minded guests who love to be close to the action.

The Palais Royal gardens

The Palais Royal gardens are just one block from the Louvre and Tuileries!

The adjacent Rue Savoie is heralded as one of the most diverse and fascinating sections of Paris, with a globally-inspired collection of restaurants, cafes, and shops. In this neighborhood, Parisian visitors can browse through high-end boutiques in the Palais Royal neighborhood, dine on delicate pastries and artisan cheeses, or check out the chic Asian bistros in the Little Tokyo region. All of the city’s delights can be enjoyed in this Parisian region which is considered the heart of the city.

The famed food market street rue Montorgeuil.

A beautiful old restaurant on the famed food market street rue Montorgeuil.

With such a wonderfully diverse selection of things to do and see, it makes sense that the Savoie caters to our larger vacationing groups. Every interest can be accommodated in the 2nd arrondissement, ensuring that our guests can enjoy personalized Paris experiences, while still congregating at the end of the busy day to swap stories and anecdotes with loved ones.

See the city from your own unique perspective, and plan a group reunion or a family retreat to the Savoie, a classically beautiful vacation rental that honors the centuries of history and culture found in the busy streets below. See the Savoie apartment profile for more pictures and information, then make a reservation inquiry to book!

(Image Credits: Apartment images by Paris Perfect and neighborhood images by Hannah Wilson.)

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