5 Reasons to Go to Paris


When it comes to visiting Paris, there are an abundance of reasons to get yourself to the most romantic city in the world. From the ease of getting to the French capital, to the city’s rich and opulent history, to the changing of the seasons, never has there been a better time to cross the channel. Need more convincing? We’ve rounded up five of the best reasons why you should visit the City of Light now.

It’s the most romantic city in the world

Few places do romance like Paris does, and every couple worth their salt will make a trip to the city of love at some point. With a history steeped in romanticism, the city permeates love through its very pores, and there’s little wonder it’s cited as the world’s most romantic city. From proposals under the looming Eiffel Tower, to scenic walks along the Seine and candlelit dinners alfresco, the opportunities for romance are endless and everywhere.

It’s a foodie’s paradise

strawberry pastries food in paris

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As a nation of food lovers – beloved for their bread, pastries, macarons and more – France is famous for its food. Unashamedly indulgent, Parisians are privy to patisseries, boulangeries and boucheries on every street corner, and as the cultural capital Paris boasts an abundant supply of foodie offerings. Whether you want frog legs or French fancies, fine dining or a relaxed affair, Paris will satisfy and satiate the fussiest of foodies.

The café culture

food in paris

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The café culture in Paris is second to none. At the heart of both the social and culinary life in the French capital, the popularity of pavement cafes is world renowned, and with good reason. Having ingrained themselves in the way of life for many Parisians, a leisurely morning spent at one of the city’s many sidewalk cafés is among the finest common pleasures of Paris. Whether with friends or dining solo, sit back and enjoy a café-croissant while people watching; reading a book (about Paris, of course!), or simply enjoying the alfresco atmosphere that Paris beholds.

It’s home to the world’s most mesmerizing cemetery

Père Lachaise cemetery

Photo courtesy of Peter Poradisch

Whether you’re a history buff or not, as both the largest Parisian park and cemetery in one, the Père Lachaise certainly makes for an interesting addition to any Parisian itinerary. While it isn’t known how many bodies are buried there, estimates range between 300,000 to 1,000,000. Home to the graves of a number of iconic names in art, literature and music from Jim Morrison to Oscar Wilde and Chopin, it’s rich with history and offers visitors a lesser trodden path than many of the capital’s hot spots.

The landmarks

Perhaps more so than any other European city, the mere mention of Paris is synonymous with a wealth of world-famous features. With a abundance of landmarks, museums and cathedrals to visit, from the iconic Eiffel Tower, to the gothic Notre Dame to the Louvre and gardens galore, few places do landmarks quite so well as the city of love.


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