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MW-lorette-et-jasmin-depot-vente-exterior-1The attractive storefront.

Looking to find a really special designer piece while in Paris? Look no further than Lorette & Jasmin, an alluring consignment store (dépôt vente in French) in the heart of the chic 16th arrondissement. At Paris Perfect, we also have a host of guided shopping tours for those that want a more expert-led option.

MW-lorette-et-jasmin-depot-vente-clothes-2Scout around for your dream wardrobe items.

Specializing in high-quality second-hand clothes, shoes, and accessories, their stock is constantly being refreshed from the stylish closets of Paris’s fashion elite. From high-end ready-to-wear pieces to vintage and designer garments: there is something for every taste and budget.

Vintage designer clothing

MW-lorette-et-jasmin-depot-vente-yves-saint-laurentThe beautiful cashmere Yves Saint Laurent coat, perfect for winter.

Nestled in the neatly organized racks was this stunning Yves Saint Laurent ivory cashmere coat. It was in mint condition, a requirement from store owners Lorette and Jasmin. Best of all, it was priced at €395, which is incredible for such a high-end garment.

MW-lorette-et-jasmin-depot-vente-chanel-suits-2Take your pick of the timeless Chanel suits.

The timeless Chanel suit is a perennial favorite of fashion people world-over and Lorette & Jasmin always have a few impeccable suits. With their slashed prices, they are an absolute steal if you are in the market for a classic designer suit.

MW-lorette-et-jasmin-depot-vente-brandsShoes, glorious shoes.

The stock is constantly changing, as they acquire new garments daily. So, if you are looking for something specific, it is definitely worth contacting them before your trip. Sending photos of your dream garment is the best way to source it – they only speak a little English – but Lorette & Jasmin are both very knowledgeable and they will ensure you find something you love.

Handsome accessories

MW-lorette-et-jasmin-depot-vente-shoes-3Some vintage treasures to be discovered at the store.

An outfit is never complete without quality accessories though. Luckily, Lorette and Jasmine also have an array of these and there are some amazing treasures to browse. Pick out designer boots, a bling brooch, or an elegant Parisian hat and silk scarf.

MW-lorette-et-jasmin-depot-vente-shoes-1Pick up some red patent leather Prada flats and make an average day brighter.

Shoppers can find a massive selection of nearly-new shoes on the right of the store. This includes brands like Prada, Gucci, and Chanel and the red patent leather Prada flats (photo above) that looked new. Lorette told me they already had several admirers and who can blame them when the beauties were only €185?

MW-lorette-et-jasmin-depot-vente-scarvesSilk foulard scarves.

A classic French accessory is a silk foulard scarf, most famously made by Hérmes. Tucked in a basket near the register were at least 50 such scarves, all in pristine condition and made by brands like Chanel, Dior, and Hérmes. From vintage patterns to last season’s designs, there is bound to be something you will fall head-over-heels for.

Handbag rentals

MW-lorette-et-jasmin-depot-vente-bag-rentalHave you tried renting designer bags?

Attending a big Paris event or looking to add a dash of luxury to an outfit? One of the particular charms of this store is that they have a rental service for their designer handbags. It’s affordable and doesn’t take long to organize if you are time-strapped.

Getting there

MW-lorette-et-jasmin-depot-vente-metroThe Métro, the quickest way to travel.

The Métro is one of the easiest ways to get around Paris, so hop on Line 9 (alight at Jasmine station) or Line 10 to be within easy walking distance to the store.

On Line 10, pay close attention as there is a one-way loop in this area. If you are coming from the center of Paris then simply alight at Église d’Auteuil. If you are coming from the other direction or looking to return to the center of Paris, then head for Mirabeau station.

Visit the store

MW-lorette-et-jasmin-depot-vente-exterior-signLorette & Jasmin.

The store is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:30am-12:45pm and 2:15pm-7:30pm. You can visit the store on Mondays by private appointment, just call Lorette on her cell for further details. Happy shopping!

Lorette & Jasmin, 6 Rue François Millet, 75016 Paris. Store: +33 (0) 1 45 25 41 36; cell: +33 (0) 6 14 08 06 22.

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(All images ©Michelle Waring)

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