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Decorative touches in the beautifully remodeled Calvados apartment in Paris

Soon we’ll be sharing the before and after photos for our latest apartment remodeling adventures in Paris and London, but before we do we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the most remarkable apartment transformations we’ve had the pleasure to see. From dark and dingy we’ve seen apartments turn into gorgeous Parisian homes … almost unrecognizable from before!



Paris Perfect Calvados Before and After Remodel in Paris

The dark living room was infused with a romantic Parisian touch at the Calvados

Oh what a dreary living room, but oh what a balcony and marvelous views of the Eiffel Tower! Something had to be done. A brighter color for the walls, pale colored furnishings with a burst of red accents and lighter curtains brought the sunshine into the room. The apartment needed a whole lot of TLC in all of its rooms, but the transformation into the beautiful and romantic Calvados apartment was complete! Take a look at the full story on the the Calvados Before and After.



Paris Perfect Madiran Before and After

Throwing drab décor out the window and embracing classic Parisian charm at the Madiran!

When we first stepped into what would become the stunning Madiran apartment, we knew there was potential. But that was based on years of experience knowing just what to look for – the best locations, views, original decorative touches and the possibility for renovation. Most of the potential was obscured by dated furniture, an eclectic décor (to put it nicely) and way out of date kitchen and bathrooms. One of the most impressive features of this apartment is the lovely double living room and dining area with large French doors and a balcony with stunning Eiffel Tower views. All that was needed was a setting equally as stunning to enjoy those views. Mission accomplished! See the full renovation project and read more about the Madiran Before and After.



Paris Perfect Merlot Before and After

Accentuating the natural light with a beautiful new décor at the Merlot in Paris

The Merlot has been through not one but two transformations since we first saw it. Over the years we’ve fine tuned our approach to decorating Paris apartments and have learned what guests truly love and value from a vacation rental point of view. We’re always searching for the very best companies to produce the most comfortable sofa beds, the most versatile furnishings and those little decorative touches to create a warm and distinctly Parisian feel. We love the latest look of the Merlot! Take a stroll through the history of the Merlot Before and After … and After Again.



Paris Perfect Margaux Before and After

A glimpse of the before and after in the second bedroom at the Margaux

The Margaux takes the prize as one of our most dramatic and stunning apartment renovations in Paris. This spectacular 3 bedroom apartment with wrap-around balcony doesn’t feel remotely like the apartment we first visited, which hadn’t been updated in 50 years. Now we invite you to take a look at the remarkable transformation and read the fascinating Margaux Before and After story.


Bonus … London Calling for a Remarkable Apartment Makeover!

Paris Perfect Churchill Before and After

Swapping the kitchen and master bedroom … not an easy task but so worth it!

It’s not just Paris that has captured our decorating and renovation fancy. With London Perfect, we’ve seen apartments and historic mews homes remodeled into gorgeous London homes. Take the Churchill, for example. With a charming setting in Chelsea and large windows, it had great potential for a holiday rental. There was just one problem … everything was backwards to how it should have been!

The master bedroom was at the front of the apartment with the largest windows while the kitchen was tucked away at the opposite end of the apartment with a dining room and living room oddly placed in between. We could fix that! The master bedroom moved to the back of the apartment and the kitchen became an en suite bathroom while the former master bedroom became a sunny eat-in kitchen. Problem solved! Take a look at how we solved all the other little problems to create a beautiful London apartment in the Churchill Before and After.

Stay tuned for more before and after renovation projects in Paris and London!

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