Five Instagram Fashionistas to Follow During Paris Fashion Week



Top row from @garypeppergirl and bottom row from @am_bitieuse on Instagram

Paris Fashion Week is one of the biggest and most important fashion events of the year. Fashion bloggers, models, designers, celebrities and fashion industry big-shots all come together in the most beautiful city in the world to define what the upcoming season in fashion will look like. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, people all around the world — not just the fashion elite — can catch a glimpse of this world of high fashion. This year, Ready-to-Wear Paris Fashion Week is from March 3rd – 11th.

Designer fashion, even if you don’t realize it, shapes the way we clothe our bodies over time. Most of the designs at any Fashion Week are not considered ready-to-wear by most people’s definition, but they’re fabulous to look at, and they really do have an impact on our culture. You understand this perfectly if you remember Meryl Streep’s fabulous diatribe on cerulean blue to poor little Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada!

Since the average Joe can’t attend these amazingly creative runway shows, we’ve gathered five Instagram users who will cover Paris Fashion Week for you! They do all the hard work – all you have to do is sit back and watch the freshest designs and most magnificent shows magically appear on your smartphone.




It’s hard to believe that fashion blogger Nicole Warne, aka “The Gary Pepper Girl,” started out selling vintage women’s clothing on e-bay and now boasts one of the most popular fashion and photography blogs on the internet, a very successful career in fashion and modeling, over a million subscribers and even a Lucky magazine cover – the first magazine in the US to feature internet bloggers on the enviable front cover!




Photographer Carin Olsson of Paris in Four Months has become synonymous with the word “Paris.” Perhaps one of the most popular Instagram users in the City of Light for her breathtaking images, she also works closely with fashion brands like Carolina Herrera and Dior. What you’ll find on her Instagram account is a gorgeous array of images – all light, bright, airy and romantic.




Audrey from Frassy knows how to have a little fun with fashion. She doesn’t take it too seriously and incorporates more affordable brands into her styling. She is based between Paris and Barcelona and will be covering Paris Fashion Week from her own unique point of view, and we look forward to following along!




The best part of Ylenia Cuéllar’s Instagram account are her street-style shots. She beautifully captures the best-dressed attendees of the hottest fashion shows. From bright orange faux-fur coats to pink mesh skirts, she has a knack for interesting details.




A true creative professional, this blogger-model-singer-songwriter is constantly jet-setting to different countries. From Paris to NYC to LA, she’s always doing something interesting. Her Instagram isn’t only informative during fashion events, but also manages to reveal her down-to-earth and positive personality. Always smiling and always looking vraiment jolie.


Don’t forget – fashion week begins on March 3rd, 2015!


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