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for Sancerre Apartment

by Stephen Astor

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"My wife, myself and my two teenage boys stayed at the Sancerre apartment from December 16 through 23, 2005. Of course, the first thing we did upon arriving at the apartment was to confirm the view depicted on the website. As advertised - the Eiffel Tower in all its glory. I can't even imagine what one would pay for such a view in a comparable Paris hotel. At night it gets even better. The Tower, when fully lit, is indescribable, and every hour you are treated to the world's greatest light show. I'm forever spoiled.
The apartment itself is immaculate and of the highest quality. I often read posts from people who minimize the importance of their travel accommodations with statements such as, "We're only going to sleep there." I think this ignores the reality of travel. Coming back to the Sancerre in the late afternoon or early evening after a full day of walking and siteseeing was both soothing and re-invigorating. Staying in a tiny, cramped hotel room simply can't compete.

And I cannot say enough about the neighborhood. We immediately immersed ourselve in the scene - shopping for our breakfast with the locals. Everything one need's is virtually next door or across the street. I wish I had such convenience - and quality - at home.

ParisPerfect delivers exactly what it promises. Thanks to Madelyn and Philippe for the grace and ease with which they make it all possible."

Stephen Astor

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