Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Châteauneuf Apartment

by Georgia Bell, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"We had a few snags in the beginning of our trip but Sarah made sure that were well taken care of! Because of that alone I would book with Perfect Paris any time! Her professionalism, genuine caring and sweet nature were everything you would want when dealing with a Vacation Rental.

The apartment was very lovely too. There were times that I just wanted to stay home and sit at the window and watch the snow fall and the people walk by and gaze at the sparkling Eiffel Tower. I can still see that picture in my head and will forever hold that memory fond.

The apartment was spacious, clean and the kitchen was fun to cook in. There were plenty of Bakeries, Cafes and Markets to satisfy your every need within walking distance.

I look forward to returning soon in the summer or spring.

My hats off to Perfect Paris!


Georgia Bell, Studio City, California, United States

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