Paris Apartment Guest Review

for La Grande Dame Apartment

by Tambi Harwood

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

""We loved the charm and amenities of the apartment, and the special care that went into setting it up for our stay. We loved the service from Paris Perfect - available by cell phone to answer our questions. We used the book of restaurants and services often to have ideas of where to go. Mainly we loved the neighborhood, which has a nice mixture of tourists and locals. Even though it is central and near the Eiffel Tower, you can walk a couple streets away and just be surrounded by locals of the neighborhood. Because it is a Paris Hot Spot, there are lots of fantastic restaurants. There are also some fabulous little spots known only to the locals. And people were friendlier than I ever remember in Paris. We had a wonderful stay, and I would definately recommend Paris Perfect. They set it up so you feel like you're visiting family, rather than just being a tourist. When I have the chance to return, I will stay with them again.
Tambi Harwood"

Tambi Harwood

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