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for Bergerac Apartment

by The Bridges Family - Del Mar, CA

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Thank you Madeline and Philippe for creating such a perfect travel experience through your beautifully appointed apartments. We just returned from two weeks in your Bergerac Apartment with our 6 1/2 year old son (our first trip abroad since he was born). Our time in Paris was magical. Paris is a living museum and it is hard not to be taken by its history and beauty. Our days were full of sight seeing, picnics in the many beautiful parks Paris has to offer, kicking the soccer ball around, sampling Berthillon's various flavors of ice cream, visiting some of Sean's favorite paintings, quiet rides on the Batobus, noisy rides on the Metro, insane rides in the Cab, shopping on the Rue Cler for dinner, practicing our french and this list goes on. There is nothing like coming home to a sun-drenched, warm and lovely apartment on a peaceful tree-lined avenue. Bergerac created the space for us to enjoy gourmet food from the Rue Cler, sample french wines, stay in touch with our business, and for one ecstatic 6 1/2 year old to eat dinner in his pajamas followed by a lightshow on the Tour Eiffel -- really quite amazing.
We are both marketers and sensitive to promises that companies make about their products or services. Bergerac was everything we expected it to be. You have done a perfect job of detailing this lovely space. We arrived on a grey misty morning in a rather jet-lagged state. The apartment was warmly lit, Carolyn awaited with enthusiasm and we were thrilled to find that it was exactly what we expected.

The experience of living in Paris as a guest for two weeks was made complete by having your apartment as our homebase. I cannot imagine travelling another way with a small child on a trip like this. To have the space and amenities offered by Paris Perfect in a hotel would have cost much more. And I doubt a hotel would have offered us the use of a scooter, so that our son could happily scooter the whole of Paris (like many french children). This was an unexpected pleasure for the whole family as it afforded us the ability to walk much more of the city, and delighted our son, who never once complained of too much exploration.

We leave Paris full, stimulated and inspired to continue to travel with our young son in this same way. Thank you so much."

The Bridges Family - Del Mar, CA

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