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for Bergerac Apartment

by Georgianna E, United States

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"Our stay at Bergerac was perfect in every way. The apartment was so very nicely equipped and decorated...once Kevin took the extra fans away! My family loved being there and my French friends were impressed with the quality of the environment and everyone with everything....with one exception which I left as a note on the signout sheet...The little single bedroom need to have a hanging closet. There are two stacks of shelves, ample for most things, but no place to hang a coat, dress etc. I think the lower shelves should be removed and a hanging bar installed.
Also I put the dressing table bench that was placed under the table in the master bedroom in the corner of the little room for some sort of place to put a bag, suitcase etc. It worked out very well there and not needed in the master bedroom. I'd like to reserve Bergerac for next year at approximately the same time."

Georgianna E, United States

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