Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Muscadelle Apartment

by Vernon Edwards, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"We stayed in the Muscadelle apartment near. We are experienced travelers and experienced visitors to Paris. This was our third use of a ParisPerfect apartment. We have tried a different apartment each time.

We had yet another excellent with ParisPerfect. We stayed almost two weeks. There were only two of us this time, so we chose a one bed-room apartment. We have stayed in two-bedroom apartments in the past. Our apartment was attractive, spacious, well maintained, comfortable, and extraordinarily quiet. The location was as convenient as one could want. The neighborhood is friendly and pleasant, with many places to dine, grocery stores, wine shops and cafes, and it was within easy walking distance of everything we cared about. It felt like home to us. Why stay in a hotel when you can have your own apartment in Paris?

Despite the recent troubles, Paris seem largely unaffected. (There may have been more security in some of the tourist areas, but we rarely visit them anymore.) We felt no tension, and we visited and walked in all arrondissements without worry.

The ParisPerfect staff was, as they have always been, very reliable, helpful, and kind. Their staff speak excellent English for those who do not speak French. But their business is so well organized that we did not need to contact them after we checked in. We tend to worry when a business has been this good for so many years -- after all, who can keep it up without an occasional problem? But we are so confident about the quality of ParisPerfect's service that we would not think of doing business with any other firm when vacationing in Paris. We will make a reservation for our next trip very soon.

We advise to plan and reserve well in advance. We generally reserve several months ahead."

Vernon Edwards, Lake Oswego, Oregon, United States

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