Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Chambertin Apartment

by Vincent Stella, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

It couldn't have been more perfect. Paris Perfect that is.
You know how some things are enhanced on some websites. Not here. What you see is what you get. A gorgeous apartment with an awesome view of the Eiffle Tower. And what a fabulous neighborhood. Walking distance to almost everything we wanted to see in our short time there.
The neighborhood itself was fantastic! Great shops and restaurants.
First day we went to Rue Cler and stocked up on some coffee, cheeses, meats, baguettes and wine to bring back to the apt. Paris Perfect will do that for you but we wanted to feel part of the neighborhood.
After that it was walk, bike, boat, tour, eat, drink and enjoy our way through Paris. Thank you Paris Perfect! We'll be back."

Vincent Stella, Redwood City, California, United States

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