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by Sandy & Bill - Bellingham, WA

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Renting a Paris Perfect apartment gave us the best vacation ever. Within minutes of our arrival we felt like we were in a cozy nest. The on-ground staff took excellent care of us and we can't wait to return. Since we'd been to Paris three times before we had already seen all the main sights 2-3 times so this time we decided to leave ourselves open to whatever came along and boy, some great things came along. My favorite surprise was the parade of six deux cheveaux, each one a different color, that passed by on the street below. They got caught in traffic so I watched them for several minutes. My other favorite event began with a doorbell ring at 11:00 o'clock one night. My husband Bill, who was just about to jump into bed, answered the door. It was the woman across the hall, whose electricity had gone out and could we help her? Bill explained where she could find the fuse box and how to throw the circuit breaker. She was perplexed and asked if he wouldn't mind coming over to show her. So he traipsed across the hall in his bare feet and very droopy pajamas behind this stranger and saved the day for her and her two roommates, who were also
watching anxiously.

We had many more treats, such as interacting with kind and friendly merchants, accidentally finding a fantastic photo exhibit near the Seine, and coming upon a building covered with mosses and leafy plants from bottom to top.

Madelyn's recommendations for shopping and eating are spot-on. From ice cream to croissants, we had the best. I can't believe we didn't gain weight.

We will absolutely recommend Paris Perfect to others and we will come back ourselves as often as possible. For us, the experience really was perfect."

Sandy & Bill - Bellingham, WA

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