Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Jacquere Apartment

by Phi N, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"The apartment was charming, had character and was spacious for what we needed. I didn't realize the one bathroom didn't have a toilet and that the toilet is separate from the bathroom. When advertising 1.5 bathrooms, it should be clearly stated what this means, 1 room for bathing is separate from the toilet. It was easy to find, great location, great service and responsiveness from management. I don't think the instructions for oven use were helpful-more details needed. I wish there was a colander to drain water from fruits and veggies in the kitchen. I liked our tour guide but she kept to the 1 hour when in the email it stated that she would talk at the apt for 30 mins and then the tour would be an hour, well we talked for 30 minutes and walking with a toddler didn't get us far in 30 minutes! This could have been longer and I would suggest scheduling it for the day after arrival given the jet lag. The groceries were not what I expected, there wasn't any butter or cheese so plain baguettes was not so appetizing. Overall, I would stay again and recommend this apartment, the issues were minor and I am only being honest about my experience!"

Phi N, PA, United States

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