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for Pomerol Apartment

by Martha B, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"This was my second stay in a Paris Perfect apartment. I love this neighborhood between the Invalides and the Eiffel Tower - despite how close it is to these two tourist attractions the area doesn't feel too touristy. As a single person traveling alone I love being able to cook my dinners, and being able to shop on Rue Cler is such a delight, everything that one could possibly want can be found there. The Pomerol apartment has a combination microwave and real oven, so I could actually make roast chicken. The kitchen is very well fitted out with pots and dishes. There's a washer/dryer combo as well which makes packing so much easier. The only difficulty I had was working the heaters, because the controls are small and hard to access, but they do work well. The apartment itself is charming with a view of the top of the Eiffel Tower that is visible from the bed, you can fall asleep while gazing at it. The Paris Perfect staff are very helpful and straightfoward. While these beautiful apartments are more expensive than an airBNB or even a hotel, you get so much more. I'm not a well-off person but am willing to spend more for good value. All of the apartments are lovely spaces that you would want to spend time in if there was a rainy day and you just didn't feel like going out. One thing I appreciate are the detailed neighborhood guides (which I don't need any more but newcomers will love) with recommendations for shops and restaurants, and important information like doctors and dentists if you have an emergency. In a foreign country it adds a sense of security to know that you can get quick and knowledgeable help if necessary. And if you want to go on special tours they have many to choose from and can make all sorts of arrangements for you. Have already booked my next stay in a different PP apartment in the same area."

Martha B, CA, United States

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