Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Saint Romain Apartment

by Lori D, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Really enjoyed our stay at this Paris Perfect apartment. The location was perfect as there was a lovely restaurant just below where we had breakfast often. There is also a lovely cheese shop and chocolatier, as well as a grocery store, post office and pharmacy, on the same street so we had everything we needed.

The apartment was just fine for us and the bed was very comfortable, although difficult to make each morning because it is against one wall/window. The bath/shower room was very nice, however no place to plug anything in because the warming towel rack blocks the one outlet in the bathroom. There are two large cabinets on either side of the sink to store products. We only were provided one face towel and we should have asked for more and I'm sure they would have responded accordingly, but we were busy sight seeing and managed without.

The kitchen had everything we needed (wine glasses). Lovely large refrigerator to keep water and wine cold. We did use the washer/dryer once and were happy to have it at our disposal, although it is a bit challenging to use. We read the directions provided, but I think an update to those instructions may be helpful to others. Thank you!"

Lori D, NV, United States

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