Summer Sales in Paris Are Almost Here!


les soldes summer sales in Paris

Summer Sales in Paris: Les Soldes

Get ready, one of France’s most delightful holidays is just around the corner: les soldes.

Although we suppose it’s not technically a holiday, we certainly consider countrywide sales in France reason enough to celebrate.

As they’re state-regulated, sales only occur in France twice a year, once after the frenzy of Christmas shopping, and once in the summer. This year, from June 28 – August 8, everything from silky scarves to French totes, home ware, and even rare books will be at reduced prices, making it the perfect time to jet over to Paris for the sunshine and sales!

To take advantage of les soldes like a true Parisian, select your top stores ahead of time, and browse the racks now, so you’ll know exactly what you want when the price drops. Family-owned boutiques as well as massive department stores will clear out last season’s goods, so there’s always something for everyone, no matter your taste. Here are some of our favorite clothing stores in Paris!

If you don’t arrive in Paris until July or August though, you needn’t worry. Prices drop as the months pass, so you’ll be sure to snag some fantastic deals. Stores are not allowed to purchase items specifically for their sales, so if you shop around now – either in person or online – you can begin your hunt for that perfect gift today.

Once you do immerse yourself in les soldes, don’t forget to wear comfortable, easy clothing. It sounds simple, but we’ve all been known to make the mistake of wearing that one dress with buttons all down the back the day you need to be snappy in the fitting room.

Not interested in shopping but wishing to take advantage of bargains? Luckily, department stores like Galeries Lafayette sell their discount items online as well! Truly, sales in Paris are for everyone, even if you’d rather sip wine at a café in le Marais and observe Parisians in their environment, searching for that perfect bargain while never breaking a sweat.

And most importantly, enjoy! Whether you’re looking for a designer Chanel bag or a piece of Parisian artwork to remember your holiday, the summer sales are always exciting, and we’re sure you’ll find that perfect “something” you’ve been hoping for.


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