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Private & Custom Tours

Private & Custom Tours

Every visitor's dream of an unforgettable Paris experience is different. These uniquely customized tours will allow you to explore the city in your own personal style!

Private & Custom Tours

Travelers who follow the beat of their own drum know that there are tours and then there are custom tours. A custom Paris tour experience allows you to explore the sites on your own schedule and see the iconic or hidden gem attractions that meet and exceed all expectations of what this romantic city has to offer. Just imagine cruising through the charming alleyways of Paris in an iconic 2CV car, or taking the family on kid-friendly tours that cover neighborhoods you never even knew existed. Whether your inherent love is the world of fashion, wine, cars, history, food or culture, these tours ensure that your vacation is exclusively catered to your exact tastes and style. Make the most of your Parisian escape by booking an exclusive private or custom tour!

Orientation Tours Orientation Tours

Orientation Tours

This tour takes the guesswork out of exploring the city and shares all the highlights, tips and tricks based on your personal preferences, allowing you to make the most of your neighborhood!

Retro Classic Tour Retro Classic Tour

Retro Classic Tour

Take a trip on a vintage ural motorcycle, and view all of the beautiful Parisian sites with the help of a Gentleman Sidecarist, a la World War II.

Great Escape Tour Great Escape Tour

Great Escape Tour

Choose between Montmartre, Ile de la Cite and the Latin Quarter on this tour that allows you to explore the best of Paris in a retro sidecar.

Retro By Night Tour Retro By Night Tour

Retro By Night Tour

See Paris light up at night on this tour that lets you design your own route and end the night with a glass of champagne in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Tailor-Made Tour Tailor-Made Tour

Tailor-Made Tour

Design your own perfect tour and travel through Paris in style on a vintage ural, taking in all of your favorite monuments as you go along!

Musée d’Orsay Museum Private Tour Musée d’Orsay Museum Private Tour

Musée d’Orsay Museum Private Tour

Skip the lines and enjoy a personal introduction to Paris' famed art museum. Guided by a local expert, this tour uncovers the stories behind the Musée d'Orsay's beloved masterpieces.

Versailles Palace and Gardens Private Tour Versailles Palace and Gardens Private Tour

Versailles Palace and Gardens Private Tour

Enjoy a slice of royal life as you skip the lines and go on a VIP tour of the magnificent palace, extraordinary fountains and lush gardens that Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette once called home.

Private Yacht on the Seine Private Yacht on the Seine

Private Yacht on the Seine

No visit to Paris is complete without a cruise along the Seine River, and this day-or-night private yacht tour takes cruising to an entirely new, exclusive and completely unforgettable level.

2CV Citroën Car Tour 2CV Citroën Car Tour

2CV Citroën Car Tour

Zip around the city in classic French fashion in a charming Citroën Deux Chevaux car while your driver takes you on a guided tour showcasing the very best of Paris.

Become a Parfumeur Become a Parfumeur

Become a Parfumeur

Paris is a destination that should be experienced with all the senses, and on this unforgettable excursion, you'll create your own blend of Parisian fragrance under the guidance of a perfume expert.

Horse Drawn Carriage Horse Drawn Carriage

Horse Drawn Carriage

The romance of Paris is waiting via this historic horse drawn carriage tour that takes passengers back in time while exploring the iconic sites, attractions and grand avenues of the City of Light.

Le Village de Montmartre Le Village de Montmartre

Le Village de Montmartre

Let your children take the lead on this exciting trip through Montmartre. Known as one of the most charming neighborhoods of Paris, you'll feel like you stepped back in time on this private tour.

Let’s Ride in Paris (on a scooter) Let’s Ride in Paris (on a scooter)

Let’s Ride in Paris (on a scooter)

Take a family-friendly ride around the Eiffel Tower and the stunning banks of the Seine River on this professionally guided tour that will be an unforgettable thrill for visitors of all ages.

Spa Experience Spa Experience

Spa Experience

Relax with a Thai massage and reflexology session at Paris Perfect’s recommended spa, a 7th arrondissement treasure that lets you have a customized experience in the heart of the city.

Our Guide to Private & Custom Tours in Paris

Considering that Paris is the global heart of arts, cuisine, history and culture – with literally miles of attractions to see and experience - it makes perfect sense that a Paris vacation is never a one-size-fits-all venture. Because of this fact, a number of acclaimed custom and private tours are available to ensure vacationers can see all the highlights of the city while staying true to their personal vacationing style.

Just imagine a walking tour through beautiful neighborhoods where centuries-old medieval buildings stand alongside some of the most modern boutiques in the city. Or envision a day of popping into the eclectic shops of Paris’ most exquisite up-and-coming designers, while sampling some of the finest cheeses, wines and cuisine that the city has to offer – crafted by the hands of the region’s most prestigious artisans. All of these personalized excursions are readily available through a private or custom tour.

Visitors in the mood for a more extensive journey can plan an adventure that extends well past the city limits, and which covers the countryside in detail while on a fun-paced rally that races from the heart of the city to the coast in a 2CV – one of the coolest vehicles to hit the streets.

For something more subdued, there are also a variety of personalized walking tours, where an interest-specific expert can uncover the history of All-Things-Paris, from family fun stories of ghosts and revolutions to personalized museum visits which ensure visitors don’t miss a thing.

The city of Paris has more than its fair share of world renowned attractions, to be certain. Iconic sites like the Louvre, the Notre Dame Cathedral, Versailles Chateau and the Picasso Museum welcome thousands of visitors every day. The beauty of a private or custom tour, however, is that travelers can ensure that their exploration is perfectly catered to their interests. Forget following the throngs of tourists from one site to the next, and create your own unforgettable experience with a perfectly personalized private or custom tour.